Another healthy foal but close call....

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Sep 20, 2007
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Well we had our second foal of the year out of our mare Paperdoll.We had a golden buckskin.....FILLY.

This mare is notorious for redbag deliveries and she didnt waiver from her path. She always makes me a nervous wreck when she gets close to foaling and I camp out in the barn. Well glad I was there. Got the filly out ok. Filly was up within 10 mins and nursing within 30. Trying to run and buck in 20mins. Very leggy and looks thoroughbred-y like her brother. I have pics posted on my website under 2008 foals.

Thanks for looking...

Filly was born last night at 12:15 am at 337 days of gestation
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Very pretty! Congrats to you on a safe arrival- I know how relieved you must feel now that she has arrived safely.

She is gorgeous. Congrats.

I wonder why a mare like her would consistently present red bags. Hmmmm. If no other mares on your property are regularly doing the same thing it can't be due to diet -fescue, etc.-. Interesting. Are there any articles you've read you could share? Just curious.
Congrats on your pretty filly. Good job getting her here healthy!!!!
Thankyou everyone..We appreciate it... The nearest thing I can think of for her delivering like that is because she accidentally got bred as a yearling and when she delivered that foal it was redbag. So maybe being bred too early accounts for it but I really dont know. I have read where they say it could be infection causing it. I am actually gonna retire her this year and get her broke to drive in the future. She is such a sweet mare and so good with her foals.She is a permenant part of our lives. Thanks again everyone...
Congrats on your new girl. Her papa sends kisses.........