Animals seized in OR.... Horses involved, but

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Dec 2, 2002
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Hello All,

I am trying to find out more information on this story that was on our local news channel. Do these people have any small horses that need CMHR? I can't find anything online about it in Oregon, so am not sure. Also I can't call from work either.

Anyway, If any of you also have big horses and want to help these abused ones with transport, please call the number at the end of the article.

And if you do speek with them, please see if you can find out if there are any Minis that are in need.


Animals seized in Oregon


07:19 AM MST on Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Ryan Panitz

Idaho's NewsChannel 7

Oregon deputies took over a ranch and seized hundreds of animals.

Baker County Deputies and local vets say the animals are badly malnourished. Many have already been take to new Central Oregon homes.

The ranch is located about 30 miles east of Baker City.

The Humane Society and the Baker County Sheriff's Office seized all the animals on the Lime, Oregon ranch.

"(There are) between 100 and 200 head of horses, maybe 40-50 head of cattle,†said Baker County Sheriff Troy Hale. “We've got some ostriches, emus, turkeys, dogs."

Deputies say the animals are severely malnourished. They say their proof is the dead animals they found and the bones that are everywhere.

"It's a crock,†said ranch owner Ivan Langley. “I ain't abused no animals."

Investigators say Ivan Langley will likely face animal abuse and neglect charges.

"There'd been probably 80 head I'd been feeding this winter," said Langley.

Langley says the animals died from other causes. Take the ostrich, he claims it got caught in a water trough and died and he says one of the horses was old and needed to be put down.

"Just the lack of adequate food supply on the place sends us a message that he doesn't have the means to take care of the animals that are here," said Hale.

But the problem now might be finding the animals that are still left. Many of the horses and cows wandered into the pasture, so deputies are searching the 4000 acres by horseback.

"How much ground can they cover,†said Hale. “How many animals do they find up there. We can be looking additional later in the week doing some flying of the country."

The animals that are found are being taken to a ranch that has volunteered to house them.

Baker County Deputies are asking for your help in transporting the animals to the ranches. If you are willing please call, 541-523-6415.
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I will try calling tomorrow to see if there are any minis. Will post what I find out.
Well, I finally saw the story on the late night news. It appears from what they were showing that all the horses are large horses, and all were thin. They are having troubles catching them all as they are all wild. They still had horses left on the property because they can't get them all caught. So, I am guessing that not only are these horses starving, but they also haven't had any human contact and that will make things interesting for trying to get them up to date on vaccinations and what not.

According to our local news, over 300 animals are being siezed with over 100 of them being horses. No mention of minis -- and usually the media will say.

The Redmond Humane Society is stepping in to help and asking for donations to be sent to an account with US Bank. The horses and cattle are all being held at a ranch about three hours from Lime, OR. They didn't give the exact location.

Last I read and heard on the radio was that they had cowboys on horseback scouring the property for any loose animals......Guess the rancher's place was hundreds of acres and animals were all over the place and half wild from lack of human contact.

The Redmond Humane Society is taking in the smaller animals. The dogs, according to the news, were painfully thin.

A quote from the rancher was that they had been subsidizing all their animals meals by feeding ONIONS to them! He claimed this was very good for them and a blood purifyer.....
Oh brother!

I guess transport and housing is not being requested at this point.....just donations for feed and for vet care that will obviously be needed.

Thanks MA.

It is hard sometimes to get decent news on things when you don't live in that area. But I did see the guy interviewed and he of course felt like he didn't so anything wrong! But from what I could see on the news, his 4,000 acre ranch was basically desert. I didn't see any grass anywhere! Our news reported that they were going to leave some of the animals behind as the desert grasses were just now starting to grow. Should be interesting what they finally decide to do.

Here is a link to the story from KTRV.

Also, here is the link to a steaming video clip of the people interviewed, including the owner.

I don't know how long they will keep the story on the top stories area though.

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