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Oct 8, 2003
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I have been playing with a proposal for AMHR for a non-breeding division. It would eliminate the need for gelding contracts, which are only as good as the buyer signing his or her name, and gives a chance to keep the “pet†quality or problem mares out of the gene pool without the large cost and risk of spaying.

Obviously it is an option that would be most used by breeders but could be implemented by anyone along the way.

The horses in the non-breeding division would be able to show in their allotted classes, i.e. a registered non-breeding stallion would still show in the stallion division. The only benefit that would be denied them is ability to register offspring.

Horses could qualify for regular papers if they have written approval of the one who placed them in the non-breeder division and a fee of $100 or have accomplished their Hall of Fame status in selected classes.

Have non-breeding stock papers be a different color such as green and stamp NON BREEDING STOCK right on the papers, perhaps even have the numbers NB come before their registration numbers.

I don’t like the thought of people continually passing off stallion as non-breeding stock instead of gelding but many times they just have not dropped by the time the foal is weaned and ready for his new home. I also see this as a new way “newbies†can be taken.

More importantly I do not like how, my guess, 85% or more of registered stallions and mares are producing.

This is just an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head the last few months. Looking for opinions on what you think of a non-breeding division. If you like the idea but would want to see it done a bit differently let me know. If you don’t like the idea tell me why.
[SIZE=14pt]I don’t like the thought of people continually passing off stallion as non-breeding stock instead of gelding but many times they just have not dropped by the time the foal is weaned and ready for his new home. I also see this as a new way “newbies†can be taken. [/SIZE]

I think that gelding the non breedable stalliions is the first answer. Why leave them a stallion??? Just to show in the stallion classes is a silly reason to leave them entire. People who dont care about papers will use him anyway.

Mares I guess would benefit from such a paper.

I really like that idea.. i dont however like the adding the HOF part in there personally. I am not taking away from HOF awards and the work to get there however... a horse show is only as good as its compititon I know those who will ask more horses show in a certain class to get points and could see that people would get non halter horses to show in a class so said horse could win and get HOF when the breeder had not intended that horse for breeding for a reason does that make sense?

I think bottom line is just like in dogs non breeding status is just that and shouldnt be changed period as most people wouldnt use that option just willy nilly.

Other then that though I for one would support an idea like this and think in the long run (ok maybe the very long run) it would increase the value of non breeding stock as well as get more invovled in showing

Lyn i agree with the geldings although we know not dropping till 2 or 3 yrs old isnt uncommon in minis and some breeders dont want to keep the foals around that long but i think it can be GREAT for mares
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THis kinda sounds like the limited registration for AKC - except the AKC's limited registration does not allow you to show your dog in breed. AKC also allows the breeder to remove the limited registration at a later date. I think it is a good idea for the minis especially allowing them to show.

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Lyn you are absolutely unequivocally correct but (you had to know that was coming) that is not the point of this thread. Talking in should be’s is not realistic and does little to help the current situation.

Perhaps a “Too Be Gelded†classification should be added to the choice of genders. That way a horse would not be able to produce registered offspring and also would not be able to be shown until he was actually gelded. That also is not the point of this thread.

Lisa I understand your point but really think the issue will fail with out some way of “redeeming†them back to regular registry. The HOF issue is valid but I am also trying to get away from the breeders who will say if you want regular papers I want x amount of dollars. Keeping the door open for the non-breeding stock horses will hopefully keep the underhanded paper swapping to a minimum.
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Well Non-Breeding papers would help incase someone does breed a NB stallion and the foals can't be registered into AMHR but I think adding a new registration and having classes would just ad more confusion to there business, sorry.

However they do have an non-breeding registry called the National Show Pony Registry for horses that are 14.2 hands and under who don't have ASPC or AMHR parents. I think one parent must be registered with them though. This is a non-breeding registry! Also I think they are trying to get classes started?
Maybe it's the heat, But I'm not getting this. What would be the point of this division? What do you mean by "non-breeding"? Do you mean should not be bred, or can't be bred?

If they aren't bred, how would you pay a fee to get their offspring in the registry?
I think what she is saying is a horse who shouldn't be bred for example has an severe overbite or something had a registry division all its own. I agree I think it brings more confusion for AMHR lol.
hmm I guess I was reading it wrong I wasnt reading it as a own or seperate division but simply like AKC limited papers so meaning in this case the horse can still show at breed shows (say in performance or whatever) but the breeder feels the horse isnt breeding quality and any offspring from the horse wouldnt be allowed to be registered but i could have been reading it wrong as well
i think "limited registration" could be a very good solution for the mini horse world.

As a breeder of ASCA registered aussies they have this feature. Yes granted anyone that is going to breed WILL weather registered or not..but they will never get the big bucks from that offspring as if it were registered.

there are more reasons than the fact that the stallion is "not stallion or show quality" that surrounds it with dogs that is just the one most basic reason for it. I for one am hesitant to sell my dogs to just anyone that is going to breed away. By having the right to sell on "not for breeding" and by also allowing these animals that are still intact but classified as NB to still show..these people can show the dog.. get points or CH titles and THEN be allowed to have full registration of this dog when i feel that this dog has proven itself and the dogs owner has proven itself to me to be a responsible person. lets face it as well.. sometimes some babies don't look all that nice..then turn into a very nice animal that COULD be potential breeding stock. it just leaves a little leeway for that animal for future use..but also restricts people from breeding "registered" stock willy nilly. I'd be all for it. i love having it with the dogs. i can sell them and know none of their ofspring will ever be registered without my say so!

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