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Jun 18, 2005
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I came across this post on fb and after her request it be put here am posting this for the person who wrote the letter. I am not taking any stance-just putting this up for discussion.

I know many of you are aware of the six late envelops to the AMHR Nationals, this is my opinion on it and if you agree, please contact your director.

August 6, 2012

Subject: Six Entry Envelopes – 2012 AMHR Nationals

Dear ASPC/AMHR Board Member:

I have been made aware of the heavy task you have at hand about the six late entry envelops for the 2012 Nationals. I felt compelled to write to the board and ask that you go into this meeting with a clear mind, set aside all prejudice, all that you have read on the Internet and all that has come to you by way of hear say.

I am writing to you today to ask you to consider the following before casting your vote on whether or not to accept the six envelops.

This is not about any one trainer so busy getting horses ready for another show that he forgot about submitting entries. This is not about a young trainer who thought the entry date was later. This is not about the three envelops that went out a day late together because of the stalling requirements. This is about many members who relied on someone else to send in their entries and some how, for what ever reason, the entries did not get post dated July 25, 2012.

This is about the young man who has been involved with this registry as a youth and now a young adult. This young man has been crippled since birth; he could never play soccer or football with his school friends due to his disability. But what he could do as a youth was participate with showing his horses with this registry. What he can do is feel proud about his accomplishments with the registry in spite of his disabilities’. What he can do is feel grateful that this registry has made it possible for him to have great self esteem and confidence, to feel good about himself, to be able to feel that he is competitive in a sport in spite of his handicap, that he can obtain ribbons and trophies like his school friends do in a football game or soccer. What he has done is looked forward to this event all year and worked hard to qualify his horses as an amateur as he had done for so many years before as a youth participating at local shows and the registries’ National shows.

This is about the member who is fighting for his life with cancer. It is about him, his wife and daughter who for so many years have been a part of this registry. For so many years have gone to the National show and now this may be his last National show with his family before he loses his battle to cancer. This may be his one last time seeing his daughter and wife show together.

This is about a 51 year women with health issues for many years who gave up the big horses and bought her first miniature 21 years ago. She has been a committed member of this registry for all these years. This is about a woman who has shown her horses for these 21 years on a local level only. She could never go to the nationals for one reason or another but through the years when she could afford it, sent her horse to the nationals with another person. She has never been able to share in the moment of her horse getting that ribbon at the Nationals even if it was last place or no placing at all. This is about a woman whose sister gave her the gift of paying her way to the Nationals this year so that she could drive in an amateur class with her horse to experience the excitement and thrill of being there.

This is about the many youth that have looked forward to the Nationals all year, youth that worked hard getting their horses qualified and ready for the show as they have done previous years. These are good wholesome kids who with their families look forward to enjoying this event participating in the classes and seeing their horse show friends from other states. This is about kids who have earned money to help their parents with the expenses of Nationals. Youth that will work extra hard with their studies to get the time off from school to go to this show in September. This is about youth that we are proud of and see them as future adult members that we need to hold dear to us so that this registry will continual to grow in spite of the countries difficult economy and horrific acts of violence towards humanity. Yes, this is about the youth entries that were in those envelopes.

This is about the senior couple that missed the deadline by depending on an automated postal machine that was offline that last night to mail entries. This is about that senior member who may not be able to go to nationals next year because his health isn’t what it used to be in his younger days as a member of this registry. This could be his last Nationals with his wife, his adult kids and his grandchildren. We just never know what the next day in life will bring us.

This is not about that trainer who failed to get his clients entries in! This is about his client(s) that live in another country that were looking forward to coming to America and participating in this wonderful event. It’s about this organization building good relations with members from other countries and making them feel welcome and showing them that we in this registry open our arms to them and embrace them as members.

This isn't about six late envelops! This is about the many families, the youth, and members from other countries that are part of this registry. They did not set out to break any rule; they are members who were committed to coming to the 2012 AMHR Nationals.

I ask that you not look at this as rule that has been broken but look at this from your heart, your compassion for other people and their individual’s reasons to be at the 2012 Nationals.

I ask that you see this as an opportunity to work things out so that no one is disappointed because of human error. To understand that allowing them to participate is not in any way detrimental to this registry or the show. To realize these members have been faithful to our registry and committed as members. They want to be a part of the AMHR National show that will create memories and a sense of gratitude to the board for understanding and forgiving human error.


Lea Dill – Member 6614
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The rule in question: (Section XVI Page 12)

4. The closing entry date for the AMHR National Show shall be determined by the Show Management. No entries for new horses will be accepted after closing date of AMHR National Show. No post entries will be accepted at the AMHR National Show. All horses must be in the show program. Classes may be added, but no new horse may be entered after the closing date. No horse substitutions without a veterinarian certificate of horse’s inability to show.

This rule comes into play as well: (Section XVI Page 12)

5. No post entering of youth classes. Neither horse nor youth can be changed after the closing date.
Rules are rules! If they allow this to happen then the ones from area 3 that did not get to go to the Dixiland show that is held every year these ones are out of going to Nationals because this one man club cancelled 2 days before the show was to happen. So these people should be able to bring the horses and they should be able to show them at nationals! Don't care who you are rules are rules and they should be followed
Yes everyone has to travel but there was people coming from Ny to get their horses qualified for nationals so what is the diffance then
After thinking about it for a little bit, I think someone should propose a rule change that gives a 1 weeks "grace period" in which late entries are allowed for double the fee. This would keep a deadline and yet give that extra week for those who have something come up last minute, because those situations DO arise and people should be given the chance to get their things in order.

That would not help the people in this instance, but I agree that rules are rules and it should not be made an exception for these people what has been enforced since the 90's. I'm sure there have been cases like this every year since the rule was passed. A shame and I feel incredibly sorry for those that the letter was regarding. I know one of them is a member overseas that had plane and lodgings already paid for for himself and family. It is nonrefundable and his horse will now not be able to compete due to late entry. But, in previous years AMHR has not allowed late entries in the case of family deaths. The rule NEEDS to be changed, but at the moment it is what it is and I don't think AMHR can risk the chance of being sued for previous denials if they accept these late entries.
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For the one that is overseas the AMHR is not to blame it is the trainers fault. It was posted in serval places that it had to be posted marked by the 25th! If they can't read that then there is a problem. Rules are rules to be followed by all don't care if you are a big time trainer or a small time trainer or someone just starting out or if you are BOD!
Never said it was
I am saying, it is a shame that they are in the situation and hopefully someone can submit a rule change so in the future these problems can be remedied. I'm not sure why the anger toward them being upset with the situation. If I was in their shoes, and I guarantee if you were too, we would be just as heartbroken. I may not agree that they should be an exception, but I do feel for them.
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Yes I would be heartbroken by this too,but there is rules set in place. Yes I have seen who posted the message on fb and it is a shame as this person was a Bod at one time. Anyways as I said I don't care who you are and what you might have going on but they knew when the deadline was. So what should the Bod do give them a break. This is what is wrong at the shows anyways as people don't get their stuff in on time they don't want the late fees but still want to show! This is our national show so No the rules should not be changed !
Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use this emoticon? Well here it is, so cute! I know I'd do more than smack my forehead if I missed the National entry deadline!

Jacki Loomis
Unless they give them a penalty it will not be fair to those of us who got our entries in on time. It's a sad situation, I know the show can use that money, but if the board allows them to show without fault then what's going to stop others from doing the same thing. I don't think this would have helped the situation but what I would like to see is them getting the show bill up at least a couple of weeks earlier then when they have been doing it. It gave us less then a month to get entries sent in but I don't know about everyone else but I felt pressured at getting everything done, mailing it out to my friend so we can be stalled together and early enough so they can send it in on time.

I've also heard that they are laxing on the qualification forms this year since it's new but IMO it's a bad habit to be getting into.
Have to agree with you jms! But they still should not be able to show. Have friends that missed a show because a club cancelled 2 days before so they should be able to show too! Rules are set in place for a reason! Like I said early I really don't care what you got going on in life or what has happen! These trainers knew when the deadline was so they should of gotten the stuff in! We all can check the website and find out when the deadline was! Why put the blame on AMHR and not the ones sending their stuff in! And if you can't check the website call the show manger and get them to send you a show bill just how hard is that. Yes I do feel for these people that has paid their dues to get to the nationals but they also should of checked to make sure their trainer got their stuff in. Have seen rules bended for other that are big time trainers in the past! I am so happy to see AMHR not bending this time. The people that is so hurt by this pick your trainers better the next time! Done with this. Sick of the excuses made for these people!
I don't exactly know the situation but rules are rules. Everyone has hardships and tragedies in their lives, and some people are not any more important than others. Otherwise, how do you draw a line? It's too big of a show, the show managers have too much on their plate already, for sob stories to start flooding in...

I feel bad that circumstances didn't go the right way. If my trainer took my money and didn't enter my horse correctly I'd surely be firing the trainer. Trainers are paid to be on top of their game and get things done not only right, but well. That trainer better be doing something to make up to their clients, not trying to weasel the Registry. Others who don't have clout or sob stories have never had the opportunity.

While I agree with rules are rules. The one thing is that one person had the entries there on time, the post office meter was not working and they have a letter from the post office that the envelopes were there on time. So do you punish the people that sent in the entries with that envelope because of the post office? Its just hard to make that kind of decision in my opinion. While there is someone at fault, it is not the people that sent in with the trainers and such. One person has said that it was their fault so just take their horses out and let the others show. Thats selflessness at its best. While there is no really good solution, there has to be one that will not hurt the innocent people involved.
Minimomnc... I don't see in the post where the post office was solely at fault? It clearly stated a couple times that it was human error, not a post office error.
The rule in question: (Section XVI Page 12)

4. The closing entry date for the AMHR National Show shall be determined by the Show Management. No entries for new horses will be accepted after closing date of AMHR National Show. No post entries will be accepted at the AMHR National Show. All horses must be in the show program. Classes may be added, but no new horse may be entered after the closing date. No horse substitutions without a veterinarian certificate of horse’s inability to show.

This rule comes into play as well: (Section XVI Page 12)

5. No post entering of youth classes. Neither horse nor youth can be changed after the closing date.
This rule states that the Show Management has the ability to set the closing date. It would also infer that they have the ability to 'extend or change that date' as they deemed necessary. It does not say that the date cannot be extended at their discretion.

I also believe a rule is a rule and firm believer of enforcement, but feel that this "Corporation" has the fudicial duty to make decisions in the best interest of the Organization. The financial loss alone would be in the double digit thousands. I do NOT believe in special exceptions for anyone, so an extension of the closing date would allow additional entries from anyone who would like to still enter.

I believe the decision is the Show Managements according to the stated Rule but the BOD also has governing authority. I don't believe there needs to be a 'change' to the existing rule.... other than clariying that an extension of the closing date is available by decision of the show management.
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Disneyhorse-minimom is correct, despite what the post infers. The entries were given to the post office on time, but due to the post office's error, it was post marked one day late. That included more than one person's entry as the others sent theirs to them beforehand so they could all be stalled together.
I for one sent in my entries in prior to closing and mailed it out to a friend so we can be stalled together.... Unfortunately it was sent in late. Does that mean I should be punished for something that was out of my control.... We all work hard to qualify for the Nationals and invest a lot of Money and time... I hope the board would consider this plea there is too many innocent participants that just want to have fun and show there horses...
Gosh, you know, it's hard not to feel empathy for what has been outlined... but I do also feel that rules are rules.

We all have our own set of circumstances and personal demands, but this is a black and white RULE. When exceptions are made, it really can open of the door for discrimination and favoritism. It's not a good situation, and I wouldn't want to be involved, but my feeling is that the entry deadline rule is not something that is foggy or indistinct.

Do I feel sorry for those involved? Yes.

Do I think the rules should be bent? .... Regretfully, no.
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