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  1. lcwallis

    Video from AMHR Nationals?

    I ordered a video to be emailed to me at AMHR Nationals and I still have not received it. I paid for it and it was on my credit card statement. Anyone else having a problem like this or am I the lucky one? L:)
  2. Debby - LB

    2013 AMHR Nationals Sept. 5 to 15 ♥ LIVE FEED ♥ Watch here!

    Watch It Live Here! September 5-15th, 2013 Expo Square - Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex 4000 E. 15th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74112 View all class results and details here National Show Judges YOUTH and AMATEUR DIVISION Cindy Butler - Caseyville, IL Roger Daulton - Urbana, OH Les Zadina...
  3. Barnmother

    AMHR Nationals Qualification

    So I was reading the rules on qualifying for nationals this afternoon. I am kind of disappointed, here is why: Each year I get 10 days of vacation from work, no more no less. (Tough deal but work is what pays for the hobby of the horses, feed, care and showing.) Living in a pretty remote area...
  4. F

    Just have to brag a little : )

    So I just have to brag a little - mainly because I'm still over the moon and have to share This was my first year to go to AMHR Nationals. I took 4 horses, and sent my halter horse with Robby Barth. My son and my best friend's daughter went also (both showed). Our goal was to get at least 1...
  5. L

    2012 Chariot Wreck

    I've seen on Facebook that there was a wreck in one of the Chariot Races. Does anyone know some more about it? I have someone who might be building me a chariot for my gelding so would like to make sure I don't have the same thing happen to me. Also if anyone knows what the new rule changes...
  6. ssshowhorses

    Golf cart Rentals for Nationals!!

    Hi All! I was wondering if anyone can give me info on renting a golf cart for nationals? I tried contacting the company listed in the show premium and the email keeps coming back as incorrect and the number seems like it has been disconnected! Does anyone know who we can rent them from or does...
  7. O

    AMHR National Late Entries

    I came across this post on fb and after her request it be put here am posting this for the person who wrote the letter. I am not taking any stance-just putting this up for discussion. I know many of you are aware of the six late envelops to the AMHR Nationals, this is my opinion on it and if...