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    Trained VS Breeding Horse Sales

    I read this poll as trained=for show purposes as in for halter, driving, jumping, etc., not trained=manners. To me manners=handled. Speaking from a seller's perspective, in my experience the trained horses have sold better. Some of them have been trained &/or shown and are now breeding horses...
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    Where to Start Finding a Trainer?

    You are welcome! For prices... I offer off season training at $300, show season is $450. Off season is when I typically get more of the pleasure horses, or future show horses that haven't been started yet. Most trainers (I do) will require you to have a harness for your horse, but not a cart...
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    foal imfo

    Oh and vaccinate mare around 30 days before she is due. I vaccinate my foals about 3-4 months, I do the vaccinations and worming BEFORE weaning so there is less stress on the foal at one time. They deal with the physical stress of the shots and wormer with their mom to take care of them. PLus if...
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    foal imfo

    1. I worm the mare the day she foals, the foal I do with Pancure at 2 months, and 4 2. This depends on how fast they grow and that they are growing corectly. Could be at 1 month, could be 2 weeks. 3. I put halters/leads on the at about 2-3 weeks and let them follow their moms to go out. Once...
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    Where to Start Finding a Trainer?

    If you are willing to travel to Ohio, that's where I am. I have over 20 years of experience with miniatures, and can provide you with references. I also migth be able to assit you in transport if needed as I have several clients in Kentucky that make trips up here and I go down there from time...
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    I agree with MountainMeadows. This rule will likely hurt local shows/clubs and then there may no longer be local shows. The local club here puts on 3 shows each year, with great attendance. I do not know of anyone around here that can't get qualified for Worlds, if nothing else by the old...
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    Looking for...

    Just wanted to double check that you did find current contact info for Patti. If not send me a PM and I will help you.
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    Judging Question

    Is that a $42 exam fee for and exam to get the health papers, and another $42 exam fee to look at the testicles? If so that's an expensive vet! Not many people take the time like you to get horses to accept being touched around their testicles I'm sure there are many people that work with there...
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    Have a Question on Showmanship

    Way back when I was a little kid AMHA used to do the halves. I can't remember for sure, but I think AMHR did the quarters. I believe AMHA switched to quarters to conform to what most other breeds and 4-h were doing. I think they started with the halves because the thought of showmanship is to...
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    Judging Question

    While I agree with you, I don't want to even own a stallion if he doesn't have 2 testicles, there are many people out there that feel as long as he has one they will breed him, and some even try to show them. AMHA requires a vet check to try to attempt to keep those horses from being shown. It...
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    Judging Question

    Just wanted to clarify, in AMHA geldings do not get their bite checked in gelding classes. But in the Grand champion classes they may be checked, and they ARE checked in Supreme.
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    $2000 Dwarf!!!!

    Can you send me the link? I don't see a problem with continuing to breed the stalliion and mare, they may never have another dwarf, as long as they are not bred together again or to another horse carrying the gene. A lot of horses that have built our industry to what it is today have had a...
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    June/July Journal

    I didn't know they had it online. How do I find it online? I also haven't heard any reasons why it is so late. I think not only advertisers should know, but all the subscribers. I rarely get on the forum, so maybe the answers have been on here, but I've not seen/heard anything.
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    Average Transport Prices

    I can't answer on the average price, but I can't tell you what I charge as a trainer. If I make a trip with only one horse on the trailer it is $0.50 per mile round trip. That covers my fuel and my time away from other things I should be doing and any meal along the way. That's me with a full...
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    June/July Journal

    I'm just wondering why in SEPTEMBER I'm just now getting the June/July issue.... a lot of out dated ads in it. I'd be upset if I advertised in it and came out so late.