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    feed alternatives

    Thank you for clarifying me, Chandab. I never meant that they should replace all the hay. In fact, I feel that hay cannot be totally replaced, horse need to chew something and if not hay, it will be fencing or stalls. Also I side with Robin_C on the warning that it takes a good bit of complete...
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    feed alternatives

    Just somethings that I have used in the past to stretch/replace hay:Complete feeds:Alfalfa cubes/pellets: Beet pulp Blue seal also makes a hay stretcher pellet that I've had luck with. Sorry to hear about the shortage.
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    new Platform feed

    Anyone looking for specifics on this product can go to the platform feeds web site at there also is a dealer locator link. I am unfamilar with alot of the products that are fed by forum members as until TSC came to town a few year ago all we had...
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    new Platform feed

    If you want your TSC to carry it ask. I know that all of them can order as that is were I got mine at (I also emailed corporate to make sure). Your store just may not know that it is available. Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know how it works for our well-fed friends? (PS don't tell scout...
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    new Platform feed

    I was wondering if anyone else is trying the new farnam mini feed? I just got a bag a few days ago, so I don't know yet if I like it, but so my minis like it.
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    "That Horse Has A Lot Of Heart"

    To me, a Horse having a lot of heart means thriving when the cards are stacked against it. These last few weeks I have got a know a truly great little horse. I posted at the beginning of the month about a little colt that lost his mother at a day old. What I didn't post was that colt walked...
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    Anyone ever have problems with MTG

    This may seem like a dumb question, but how often did you apply the MTG? The only problem that I have seen with it was a girl years ago that applied several times a day, the hair did fall out on that horse (from skin irritation) but cut it back to once a day and it grew back quick.
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    Body with.

    All I can say is start with a tired horse and practice a few times before showing, but hopefully someone else with have more tips for you.
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    Do you cutt back on hay in the summer?

    In the summer, all my horse just get grain in the morning, and go out for the day. The same goes for the night time feeding, unless they are staying in for some reason and then they get hay.
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    shaving muzzles

    I normally just use a #10 blade and clip the muzzle like the rest of the horse. I know that some here bald the nose with a razor, but mine get sunburned too easy (pink skin).
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    Prayers needed for foal

    I just thought that I would update you lovely people on Charlie, the little colt. He refuses the bottle with a I'ma big boy look, and will only take his milk from a pan. He seem a lot stronger than I had thought he would be, as he did get much to eat yesterday. Another mare in the barn foaled...
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    Prayers needed for foal

    I just got a call from the gentleman that I board with. His mare foal on monday night, and colicked this morning. To make a long story short, the mare had to be put down, and baby needs to be raised by humans. I know that People here have bottle raised foals in the past, any help would be...
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    looking for

    Does anyone know where I can get a set of blinkers for my driving bridle? I let a friend borrow my harness and got it back with the blinker broken off. I don't want to have to buy a whole new bridle if I don't have too.
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    Butler Open Miniature Horse Show dates

    Just to clarify. Are these show open to unregistred minis? I know that 'open' shows in large breeds don't require papers but want to make sure that it is the same in the mini world.
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    Clipper Blades

    I have only used oster blades, but would like to know what you prefer for a quality clip. Thank you.