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Nov 30, 2002
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whoops...that wasn't the title I intended...I inadvertently hit the send button...

The county fair was a blast...Mingus had a bit of "short man's syndrome" and had to impress the big boys he was up again. Still had ants in his pants, but he was much better, and ended up with 2nd in pleasure style halter gelding and 3rd in solid color halter gelding (more of a halter class than color, LOL). Granted, the 2nd was out of 2 horses, but the 3rd was in a good sized class.

Here are photos Daryl took before and after...




Here's the missing photo:

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Oh MINGUS! You are so beautiful I want to just kiss your nose!

Pretty, pretty boy. Looks like he has a lot of admirers. Good to hear he done so much better this time. Mary
He looks good, congrats to you and Mingus!

There's that sleek, shiny boy with a 'tude!

Congratulations and I'm so glad you had a good time. That is what it's all about, after all.


Great pics!

Liz M.
Susanne he is a CREDIT to you. I really think he is drop dead, when id the cart training starting???
Thanks, everyone...I have to say, I am SO happy with how he looks and how he's coming along. He still fidgets and moves around, but he's getting the idea of "stand" and gets the idea that I want him to stay that way. The hardest thing now is keeping him back away from me...but he's starting to get it.

Midnight, he is a maxi-mini -- he measures just under 38".

Jane, we still need to work on his "brakes" a bit more, but the time for driver's ed is coming soon.

For anyone who has hesitated about entering open shows, DO IT! The response from other exhibitors and the general public was overwhelmingly positive. Not once did I get a "What are they good for" comment. Instead, even the old cowboys complimented him. He had one fan in particular: a little girl who fell in love with him, and vice versa. As we waited for our first class, she kept coming up to hug his neck, and her affections calmed him immensely (he is incredibly gentle and careful around children).
He is beautiful!!
I love bays and he looks so sleek and shiny! I like the "Maxi-Minis" especially for driving.
Congrats, Mingus looks great, just look at that shiny shiny beautiful coat!
I have to say he is my favorite gelding. I love his color, his condition, his attitude and over all aura. If he were a stallion..I'd be looking at a baby by him. Congrats on the show.
He's such a pretty boy! I'm glad that you had fun at the show, and that you got some new pics of Mingus.

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