Would a "mini rescue" really do these things?

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Dec 1, 2002
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About this situation:

A lady that I am selling a pet mare to recently heard about a stallion that is for sale by a "mini rescue."

I put it in quotation marks because I feel a true Miniature Horse rescue operatioin would not do these things:

First of all, the stallion is 1.5 years old, he is 36" tall and of course, intact.

The rescue claimed to want $250 for him, but then was ok to offer him for free if they came to pick him up.

What, no gelding? I would think any legitimate rescue would require the horse be gelded before it was taken. I don't even think there are any papers....

And then to just offer it for free to someone to come pick it up?

I am trying to find out more about this rescue, but if I find out the horse needs a home, should I post more about him? He is located in the NW.

Liz M.
I would have to agree with you. I'm seeing a "red flag" on this.
In Tennessee, any animal that goes though a shelter/rescue must be "fixed". Since spaying a mare is so expensive the rescues that I help has a contract that states "no breeding" and all stallions must be gelded. I would question whether this is a true rescue organization.
Thanks. I have asked for more information and I may just fire off a little informational letter of my own to the party involved.

Here is this horse needing a home desperately, or so I hear, so much so that he's free, and yet they are willing to leave him intact to either make more babies or to go to a home that may not know how to handle a young stallion, etc., etc.

I'll LYK what I find out.

Yes, please let us know what you find out. CMHR definately will NOT let a stallion go without gelding him first. Let us know if we can help by finding a Foster Home or an Adoptive one for him. Just last month, a stallion that Davie found was gelded by us and then adopted out.

Ginny StP
Just got an email from the lady that has him. I asked her if she was a rescue organization (that is what I had been told by another party) and she said:

No, a friend of a friend told us that there was a mini that had something wrong with its leg and the owner was going to shoot it.  We told them to wait and we would come out to see it.  We then decided that we would take him off their hands, get him up to a good weight, and try to find him a good home.  He was pastured with 3 normal horses, and about 22 other minis.  6 of those were stallions, so they were all fighting and so they had some locked in stalls and stuff like that.  Believe me, if we had enough room here, that's what we would be doing, there are so many animals out there being mistreated.  But anyway, that's how we got him. 
So there is the story. I think he has stifle lock from the sounds of it (another good reason to geld). Sounds like there is a lot more to this story, too. I am trying to find out where these other minis are.

Makes me mad they are being ill treated from what has been said.

I have asked her if I could forward the information to a rescue group. He does sound like he needs a new home and for sure gelded. I think she's already done some of the rehabilitation as far as weight and lice, etc., the old "usuals."

Liz M.
i suspected this was a private rescue. And i applaud the woman for caring enough to help this guy!!! Please give her my email and tell her we will help her if she needs it