Will my mare EVER foal??

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Jan 1, 2003
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Larimore, ND
My mare started to bag up last weekend. Her bag seemed to get more milk in for a few days and then just stopped. The other signs, such as dropped belly, smushy backend, and elongated vulva, seem to be coming on stronger and stronger. Do you think she'll get the rest of her milk in the last couple of days before she foals? She is 13 and has had many foals in the past. Do the more experienced mares have their milk come in in a short time? I know the baby isn't in foaling position yet as last night I could see it "dancing" around in there pretty good. All seems fine except the milk issue. I am probably worried about nothing. Any comments will be much appreciated!
Every mare is different just like we humans. Since she is 13 and has had past foals is this the first time she is having a foal for you? If so why don't you contact her previous owner and ask about her history on foaling.
Will my mare EVER foal??


Probably not.

Mine won't either.

They are going to leave it in there.

Oh Marty
That is too funny but maybe we shouldn't say that because they maybe never will
This waiting stuff is hard!

Danielle, yes this is her first foal for me and my first foal ever. I've asked her previous owner more than once her foaling patterns and all I get is "She foals 2-3 weeks after she starts bagging." That's all she'll tell me
Maybe they are both very small elephants?? Gestation of an elephant is 24 months!!!
i had a mare foal, 6 hours before she had no bag and was 4 weeks of her due date, she was covered in hand. I also got a friend to check her, as he was leading her to the new field. He said no way was she ready, and next morning, there was the no way running about. and the mare could have supplied milk to the cows. He NEVER lived it down.
I was like this with my keesha so I called Paula and asked WHEN does she foal? 10 mos and 1 week!
She foaled the next day. Now that gestation is for fillies, she went way long for the colt this year and it's only her second ever. She likes boys.
I'm not much help, but I understand what it is like. I'm still waiting on my two maiden mares to foal. The Equipage goes off all the time, and I'm rummy from lack of sleep. Wishing your mare an easy time. All I can say is, it will happen sooner or later! Janet Day
im STILL waiting on two. one has had thick sticky yellow milk for two weeks and still nothing. I just keep telling myself eventually they HAVE to foal LOL
I'm with Marty...kind of...They will never foal...if you are watching! Mine showed all the signs for weeks, and then I checked every evening for redness in the back end, none...darn if she didn't have it the one night I couldn't check.
Best wishes, sounds like very soon you will have a baby to show us.
Maybe I just need to quit watching her

I don't think I could if I had to though.......

this is too exciting!!!!
oh how I feel your pain.....my mare is the same...I finally put her under camera last night, so I have no base line as to her habits (yeah, I know I was slow with this)...yup, she layed down streached out them legs like a stick horse and I thought waahoo..her she goes.........nope.............she looked like a pinata laying there....watched her untill 2:30 this morning...zzzzzzzzzz....tonights another night...wish "the sisterhood" well....zzzzzzzzzzzz...oops, did I doze off?!

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