Wild Oats?

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Jun 1, 2015
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Southern California
I opened a new bale of hay this morning and found quite a few of these in it. I think it may be wild Oats (after an internet search), but, I'm not sure...
Does anyone know what this is?
Thank you in advance for any help 😄😍IMG_20230908_074911272.jpgIMG_20230908_074911272~2.jpg
Looks like wild oats to me. Should not be harmful in hay unless it is almost all wild oats then there will be no value in it. We've had it in hay different times, but haven't seen much of it the last few years.

Definitely not mountain brome.


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Hubby thinks it could be oats or a wheat. 😂 Maybe a former grain field that has been rotated back to hay, or plants growing on the edges of the hay field?

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