Why doesn't white horses shine/shimmer

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Aug 18, 2003
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Northeast Arkansas
I have been looking through some of my photos of my horses and I noticed that the white on the horses doesn't seem to shine up or glimmer like the colored areas. Why is that? When I recall a lot of the white horses I've seen in person, I realize that their coat didn't have that glossy shine either.

And on the pintos and Appaloosas, the color shines, but the white areas do not. Why is that ? Has anyone else noticed this? Do you have a picture showing a shine on a white horse or a white area on a horse?
It's the lighting reflecting off the color of the horse that makes it "shimmer". You can't see the light reflecting off of white.
My big horses white coat glistens like sun shining on snow. Beautiful glossy coat. But, you're right, not all of them do.
Some white horses shine!


This is MiLo's Buckeye Captain Mack Splash, the horse in my avatar, and he SHINES - glows even!

With Minis it helps if you don't clip them to death. I clip Mack with a 10 two weeks or more before a show and than for the rest of the summer he doesn't get clipped except for his fetlocks, bridlepath, ears and face.
My white ones glisten. Yes light reflects differently BUT, flaxseed will definately produce a shine. Mine get a good feed program, plus flaxseed.
Ours is a perlino -- so not white -- but she glistens in the sun-- with the gold tint she is striking.

I also immediatley thought of Lori's Captain Mac -- who "really" shines in the sunlight.

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