How are you getting your show ring shine?

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Feb 25, 2019
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My horses never seem as shiny as the rest of the show horses. I think they look great until I get to the shows and we are outshined. So help me out please. What are some good tips and tricks to really get that shine, particularly on a gray. I've found some things online, including olive oil, cod liver oil, doing a hot oil treatment, several different types of coat sheen sprays. What works and what doesn't? And what is likely to make the dust stick?
A good shine starts with a good feeding program, appropriate fat, protein, vitamin and mineral content. Beyond that, I have done the hot oil treatment. I believe the main purpose is to bring color back after clipping and it definitely worked for that! Mainly used it before Nationals. And yes it attracts the dust like anything oil based. But it's easy to groom away. Frequent grooming can also add to a shine, as can the right shampoo, conditioner and lotions. My show barn smells very good in show season lol. I use show sheen after bathing and I think everyone loves Pepi for a last minute sparkle!
So what's a good technique for a hot oil treatment? I've never tried it, and I see a whole bunch of different stuff online.
That healthy E looks interesting, it's just soybean oil, which seems like an odd choice, but I remember when corn oil was the top secret product so maybe not.

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