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Jul 6, 2007
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Elwood, Utah
Oh, last night was long! I went out at 10:30pm to check on my pregger mare. Well, I look over and see my horses in my yard instead of their pen! I think oh crap! So I get a bucket of grain and a halter and walk over to catch them one at a time. Thought that was best to do it quietly and not spook anyone. One of them was in the pasture still and I could see the one gate was secured. So I started to walk to the other gate to see if that's how they got out. Well the horse in the pasture decides to take off and run out. Not much I can do. So I see that the gate is busted open. So I put my caught horse in his feeding pen and go to catch the others. Well the one that ran out got everyone riled and they take off in the feild next door (of course it takes just one retard to get the whole herd going). I live in a small town. So there's lots of feilds. I'm shaking the grain bucket and calling them back but that didn't help. So I jump in my car and head out on the side road. Then I see my one gelding running back towards the house on the main road. Thank goodness it was a saturday night in a town of 200 people and there wasn't any traffic. So I finally get him to calm down and catch him. Well the other two are no where to be seen. So after a while, I knock on my neighbor's door and ask for their help. They drive through the feild they were last seen and I'm through the town. Can't see anything becuase its pitch black and we had a huge dust storm. So there was still a layer of dust. I hear horse squealing, but couldn't see anything when I shined my lights out there. Finally, we decide to check that area again even though we don't hear anything. There they were! Finally got them all stalled and watered and given a snack. Then I check the gate. The big gate has a wheel on it and all I can figure is the wind got hard enough to knock the wires off the panel and bust it open. Everything was pushed towards the pasture. Needless to say, it was a long night. And of course, hubby was out of town for work. :DOH! But they are all safe and sound today. They are still locked up becuase I'm mad at them!
Its a good thing you went out to check!!!! Gosh!
Yikes! It really IS a good thing you went out to check on them, they could have been running wild all night!
Nice neighbors you have, to help you track them down!
This wind has been awful hasn't it? Now they are calling for snow, sheesh. Might as well leave your horses in their stalls for now, lol!
Well and I live about 20-30 miles north of that huge fire we had last year down here. So the dust is just horrible! They close the freeway every time!
Glad you were able to round them all up and no one got hurt!! It's so scarey when they get out like that.
All I can figure is horses are butt heads. Two nights ago my neighbor calls me at about 10:00pm. She says a miniature horse was found and animal control had it at her house wondering if she knew who it belonged to. So I go out and nope they are all there. Then she says it is a stud. I said very confidently "oh, my stud is double locked" So the yesterday morning I look out the kitchen window and yes there are 2 horses in each pen but, the stud and his mom have somehow traded pens. I went out and fed and got them into their own pens telling them how bad they both were. The thing is, the gates were still locked. As for the found mini. Some people not far from me had bought him from a friend of the people he was taken to and one of the new owners kids didn't lock the gate. He did however find his way home.
Glad you got them all put back safe and sound. I had the same problem with the wind blowing so hard that it blew over 2 panels. I couldn't see my minis in that area anywhere so I was sure they escaped, but I finally found them hiding back by the barn. The dust and wind is terrible here in Kanosh too so I know what you mean.

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