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Nov 30, 2002
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Oklahoma City, OK
My farrier was scheduled to come and trim horses on Monday. East Acres Stary Night didn't foal Sunday night as planned
but she did start her normal 'foal pacing' around 8:30 Monday morning. With her, the pacing can go on for hours.

My farrier arrived around 11:30 am and we proceeded to start trimming horses. I moved Stary Night into the grassy paddock in front of the pens where we were working so I could keep an eye on her. I figured with all the activity she would hold off until night.

Cammie came out to help and we were working in one of the middle pens when my farrier matter of factly says 'that mares water just broke'. I looked and couldn't believe it! Yep, Stary Night is standing out there with fluid dripping. I said 'excuse me, I need to go take care of this'. Told my daughter to help the farrier and I took Stary Night to the barn and put her in her stall where she got busy and delivered this gorgeous splashed white overo colt!


Now the colt is supposed to be by Redrock Magic Maker, but he looks so much like Harts Tip Top Flash, I'm having him tested so I will know for sure. Maybe some hanky panky going on last year that I missed! :DOH! So for now his name is Whosyer (Whos Your Daddy).
Congratulations on a gorgeous colt! Sounds like a pretty convenient delivery too.
Whoever his daddy is, he is one nice colt! Congratulations Becky!!! Don't you wish they would all drop them while you are standing there in broad daylight - think of the sleep you could get!
Thats my kind of guy, congratulations!!!
[SIZE=12pt]LOL Becky! He's gorgeous and I love his name!![/SIZE]
Congratulations!!! Nice colt! You got to sleep that night nice
I had a similar thing happen last year was waiting...waiting for a buckskin or bay and out popped a beautiful LOUD bay pinto filly...I looked over in the stud pen and snotty Scotty was snickering . I just got her dna and papers back and needless to say Mr. Scotty is now a gelding but a great driving mini. Your colt is beautiful and healthy and that is what counts
Well little guy who so ever your daddy is you're a beauty! How handsome can one little guy be!

Congrats, loved the story, will be interesting to see if his daddy is who it was supposed to be!

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