Who give her girl a bottle of hair color?

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Dec 9, 2002
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Here are some pics of my filly from this year, before and after clipping, and her parents. I can't get over how much her color is changing and how dark she is getting! And she seems to be growing in even darker yet underneath! I know they can change, but she seems a complete different color, I've never had one change this much!

First "Brooke and Star" the day she was born(I thought a sorrel/white pinto):


Than Daddy "DUDE"


And now "Star" after a clip and a bath!


I'm not sure what to put on her papers, but I think she will end up a Bay Pinto........Right? She does have areas that are black, mainly around the color on her legs and tail (they just don't show up well in the pics).
She is a sorrel, right now. She will not become a bay- not born that colour- no way! To be Bay she must have a Black - not "darker" mane and tail, but BLACK
She could be a Silver Bay as Daddy is, but I actually doubt it. That dark colour is typical of Sorrel foals- my filly is doing it right now- if I clipped, which I do not, I would get the colour you have. She is still Sorrel.

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