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Aug 24, 2013
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Talk about a difficult task!

He wants ☆color☆! No boring chestnuts, like we already have, and no boring bays or black...

My requirements were decent conformation & a good mind. As well as very young to grow up here & not have unknown training history.

Colt or filly, didn't matter. 13.3-15h, but that soon changed, as 15h was too big. Horses eat a ton, require different feeding & wouldn't be able to live with my others. That has been a huge problem in the past and I didn't want to deal with that mess again.

Found a few QHs, one felt like a scam, one didn't respond, didn't show up. Wtf??

Started searching for types I'm more used to, what you call them is up to you, as they have a ton of names. Indian horses, colonial spanish horses and so on.

All were huge, beefed up, about to be started or already started. Ugh, no. And of course, a ton of people who failed at reading comprehension. Wrong colors, wrong ages, wrong sizes.

Eventually, I found some cute ponies that should grow to the size I need, should have the right mind, but conformation is a bit iffy and currently in a very ugly duckling phase!

Sent pics to DH to choose. One was loud, but front leg issues in updated pic and wouldn't grow tall enough.

Grulla was an acceptable ☆color☆ and added bonus that I've wanted to own one ever seeing the neighbor's grulla. Hah...

After a while of chatting and pics/video clips of a certain one, I bit the bullet & bought DH a 10mo grulla filly!

Gilbert Jones southwest lines, Choctaw & Cherokee of colonial spanish horses.

Many seem to have front pasterns that seem a bit sweepy, but a good trim may help that. Same with the hind legs turning out, but hoping it's not too late to help that out a bit. Looks like a short hip, upright shoulder, low dock and low neck tie-in.

She'll be here end of April/start of May. Hoping to shine her right up!!

Anyway. Gentle critiques allowed, but don't make me hate & regret the horse before it's even here!

Ugly duckling-
Video Collage Maker_2Olx1S.pngVideo Collage Maker_L7zPOX.pngVideo Collage Maker_v78JE8.png
Dad & mom-
Video Collage Maker_c3uLO4.png
Video Collage Maker_a73cC4.png

Joined video clips-
She's adorable even at the ugly duckling phase. I had a wonderful 'old man' who I bought as an ugly duckling who grew into a gorgeous boy. Her neck being set on low is the only thing I would have looked twice at but I ride dressage and am used to a higher head set. That said I have one who has a neck like that and wow can she do lateral work and changes. Congratulations!!
She's had her vet visit & shots I requested. Now to just wait for transportation to get her the week after next.
Got the round pen rounded again and a shelter frame in place. Will add shade tarp to it once she's on her way, since wind hasn't stopped blowing all spring.
Transport problems. Idk how anyone ever finds a trustable hauler that will haul when needed...
It's a nightmare finding one, I dream of having my own truck and trailer. Good luck!!
I love ugly ducklings! I'll see if I can find pictures of my warmblood mare as a youngster and now as a mature mare. She was dubbed "mooseling" for her gangliness. Huge ears, kinda homely, but she certainly grew into something very special. I have no doubt that yours will blossom with TLC, quality feed and maintenance. And if you're excited about her, that's really all that matters. Besides, she's really cute in the most recent pictures <3

Well, I was going to update that the transport has failed again & that I was looking for a new hauler...


I have just heard worse news.

The filly was struck by lightning & is gone. 😱😭😭😭

Going to see what DH wants to do, full (horse payment only) refund or apply it to another horse.

Seems like the universe doesn't want this to happen.

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