Where's Charlene???

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Nov 15, 2004
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Central Missouri
Haven't noticed any posts from Charlene for several days now. Has anybody seen any or heard from her? Charlene if you're out there please let us know you're ok. Miss seeing your posts.....and I'm just checking up on you.
well aren't you just sweet! i'm here!! spent the entire day outside yesterday, started at 9:30 a.m., didn't come in till almost 7 p.m. beeeautiful day here and today was another one just like it. got a lot done, spring is such a busy time around this place and now that i'm goin' it alone, it's taking up more time than ever!

thank you hon, nice of you to worry but not necessary. i'm hangin' in there.
hasn't this just been the lonnnngest winter? i am SO glad to see spring.

oh and, my internet service was down from 1:00 yesterday until later in the evening. never fails, it always happens on a weekend or at night when there is nobody in the office. i'll be making a phone call this morning! :DOH! grr!

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