Where do you find your measuring sticks to measure

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Nov 30, 2002
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I would like one with a level like I have at the house (only goes to 39"), and the ones I look at on Ozark Mtn. and Star Lake only go to 39"?
Have you tried calling the AMHR/ASPC office? They should have the official measuring stick, i think you can purchase them but they cost a bit more then the star lake/ozark measuring sticks. I think $90'ish ?
I think we bought ours from Valley Vet or Country Supply to measure ponies, I have another one that is the miniature measuring stick, both of mine has the levels built in them. If I remember correctly, they both were priced pretty reasonable, less than $50.00.
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Thanks! The one at Country Supply is only 22.94, not bad at all and it does have a level on it. Uses hands or centimeter but I should be able to figure that out
Yeap, that is where mine came from, I remember that price and its made well and does have the level. Make sure you check it out when you receive it, I had to send mine back because the level was broken when it was in transit.

Glad you found it, their prices are pretty good also on other types of supplies.

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