When can I post a new purchase?

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Dec 31, 2006
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Medford OR
I did get a new boy, but don't know the proper procedure for new pictures. It is a baby that won't be home till October.

Diane in OR
Hi Diane,

If you've put down a deposit AND you have the owner's permission to post pics of him, then i don't see a problem with it! Congratulations and looking forward to pics!
After I paid my deposit I asked if I could start showing off my little girl, the breeder had no problems with it. So I would just ask the breeder is she/he would have any problems with you showing off your new little bundle of joy? Then you will have your answer...
This is Nice to know since I am buying a Couple new mares

I can't wait to see Pics of your Little One
Hey there, saw you and noticed your forum name, who is Minxie? That's what my whole family has always called me! "Minx"

Just courious, Maxine
Minxie is my quarter horse mare that I have had since she was weaned. She is now 4 years old. Her name is Silver Bar Minx. She is my daughter. (kind of a bratty daughter).


I'm sure you are much better mannered than she is, and equally as beautiful!

Max is her angelic little brother (not) in my avatar.

Diane in OR
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Well I think your Minx is a beauty since we used to have Quarter horses also
I was supposedly nicknamed Minx because I "winked" at the doctor when I was born..my twin sisters nickname is Midge so we are Minx and Midge...can't beat a good Bay quarter horse eh?

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