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I’ll bite 🤣🤣

I've a friend who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. (The not-so-pleasant doctor walked through the door, stated "You should either be in a coma or dead." Handed her a prescription and walked out.😲😵🤯 The nurse came in and explained about the diabetes.)

Anyway, as I had gestational diabetes both times I was pregnant and my most recent A1C was at the maximum of normal, I've decided to join my friend in a major lifestyle change.

Would anyone here have some diabetic recipes to share? Even better, a cookbook with tasty recipes?

I think diabetes and most other diseases are reversible (in most cases). Changing one’s diet is extremely difficult and doesn’t happen overnight. Take my Dad for example. Heart disease, 2 open heart surgeries, I don’t know how many stents, diabetes, extremely over weight and all kinds of other fun stuff. He decided that his New Years resolution was to join me and go vegetarian. The week before January 1st he cleans out his fridge and pantry by eating the entire bag of corn dogs, probably 10 bags of chips, I don’t know how many hamburgers and French fries. Everytime I talked to him that week he was eating crap to get ready to become vegetarian. So January 1st he goes on his new diet! January 2nd he is back to eating corn dogs and crap. 😝 Bad, bad, bad!

I have done a lot of research on food and healthy eating. I have become a HUGE believer in Dr. McDougall and his book the starch solution.

I also like Mary’s Minis for a quick easy start to this lifestyle:
Mary's Mini-McDougall Diet® - Dr. McDougall
(There is also a 30 day potato reset. I love potatoes!)

Dr.McDougall also has a ton of articles on diabetes if interested:
Dr. Greger is wonderful as well. He backs up everything he says with facts, science, and tests that have been done. I’ve read his 600 page book! It was a real eye opener.
Healthy at 100 is a really good book too. And of course the website Forks over Knives is great with tons of recipes as well.
It is hard to change one’s lifestyle especially when eating out, but I personally will NEVER go back to the SAD, Standard American Diet, again! Good luck to you and your friend 💕
I loved your story about your dad pledging to go vegetarian, Kelly! i would love to go more vego!

Yesterday I invented this tart… crackers and almond base then feta cheese, honey, oregano (some yoghurt and egg too). I served it warm with a squeeze of lemon juice! Yum!!
Kelly, I agree most our modern diseases are caused by our modern diet and can be reversed, or controlled, by diet and lifestyle changes. Interesting information, I was wondering why I have lost a few pounds eating potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice. I'm not diabetic, but I've heard the "anything white turns to sugar" mantra for so long.
I miss my Weight Watchers meetings. Why would I go "virtual", telling the entire internet my diet ups and downs?? I'll be so glad when we can get a local group together again to meet in person. I have a goal weight, and right now I'm struggling at 2 pounds over. That doesn't sound like much, but it feels like a lot more! My spouse is more into comfort food, which is not good for me. It makes eating together challenging. We have a cod dish from Blue Apron tomorrow.
My sister and i claim to have an aunt's banana bread recipe. The only difference seems to be ours has 1\2 cup brown sugar. Ours is much better. Rises higher and better texture. I do cream the butter and sugar and sift the flour and baking powder; maybe that makes a difference. The recipe says to just put all in a bowl and mix.


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Hubby and I are celebrating our Thanksgiving tomorrow night with his parents. We are having: Mac-n-cheese, green bean with brussels sprout in a raspberry vinaigrette, stuffed bell peppers, and pumpkin pie… you know, the traditional vegetarian thanksgiving LOL LOL His parents aren’t even vegetarian! 🤣🤣🤣
Hubby and I are celebrating our Thanksgiving tomorrow night with his parents. We are having: Mac-n-cheese, green bean with brussels sprout in a raspberry vinaigrette, stuffed bell peppers, and pumpkin pie… you know, the traditional vegetarian thanksgiving LOL LOL His parents aren’t even vegetarian! 🤣🤣🤣
What is the stuffing in the bell peppers?
My sister joined us for Thanksgiving yesterday. Over dessert we started talking about bread pudding. She likes the kind that has a lemon sauce. I got out an old German cousin's recipe box and looked through it. There was a bread pudding recipe with lemon sauce, and a hand written note "good". She had an elementary grade education in a country school and always spelled phonetically. Fun to read her notes! (I dislike bread pudding, so sister was welcome to the recipe!)
What is the stuffing in the bell peppers?

You know, the traditional vegetarian stuffed peppers 😜with califlower rice, broccolI, asparagus saturated in a hoisin sauce 😁 I also like to use a sweet chili pepper sauce sometimes but would be waaaaay too spicy for mommy in law.
What’s on y’all’s Christmas dinner menu?? It’s only one week away!!

Hubby will be making a lasagna… it is actually a block of cheese with a couple of lasagna noodles and red sauce 😍😍 and dear mommy—in-law will be bringing a pumpkin pie 😍😍 will also have a couple of appetizer, maybe some nice veggies to go with the lasagna.

What are y’all making??
That sounds good, Kelly! A block of cheese sounds about perfect! 😂

Mashed potatoes here, honey roasted carrots, stuffing, vegetables, bars, (No, Kelly, not that kind of bar 😂), cookies, cake, and some kind of entree….🤔.
Ok, I will tell y’all the secret to tamale sauce if you promise not to tell anyone else. First you buy already made tamales from HEB or Kroger (our local grocery stores). And all you have to make is the sauce, ohhhhhh the sauce!

You mix a chili packet with a can of enchilada sauce! I know! How easy is that! Of course you can add ground turkey meat or hamburger meet or for me a meatless meat 🤣🤣 …. then if hubby makes it, you would top with a couple of blocks of cheese. Soooooo gooooood!

Then I just discovered a Pace avocado salsa that we added sour cream to for our appetizer of chips and OMG! sooooo goooood! 😍😍

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