What kind of stalls would you get?

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Feb 25, 2019
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If you were starting over, with an empty pole building or barn, what would you do for stalls? I know you can get modular ones, but I'm sure there are lots of options.
I built my little pole barn with my neighbor 25 years ago. It started as a 20' x20' structure but now has additions off both sides and the back. The right side has 3 open sheds, the left side is an enclosed large grain room and storage area, the back is for extra hay and all my extra beehives (I’m a beekeeper). There are 3 stalls inside the barn that are constructed of
1”x4” native hemlock which I had a local sawyer cut for me (pretty inexpensive to do and super strong). Two of the stalls are 10’x10’ and the other is 9’x7.’ The boards dividing the stall can be removed by just lifting them up an out of a little channel. I still love the simple design of the stalls and it was super easy to do. It’s still holding up after all these years.


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Beautiful barn roadtoad! Love the traditional red!

I just love my barn too! We pretty much built it from scratch about a year and a half ago, the original structure was 24x36. I have a 2 stall barn with an 12x24 aisle in the middle that runs to either their dry lot or out to pasture. My stalls are 12x12, one stall for my biggie and the other stall for my minis. In the back of the barn, under the over hang, I do have an additional 3 outdoor 10x12 stalls with dirt floors. Inside the barn I used tongue and grove wood and the black jail bars are actually fencing I got from Home Depot. My tack/feed area is 12x24, that is where these pics are taken from. My flooring is concrete pavers covered with black mats. Each indoor stall has a fan, lights and water.



View out my bedroom window of the front of my barn:

my barn before I got my hands on it:
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I am so jealous of your beautiful barns! I hope to have one like them someday. We have been slowly working on building a shed for my girls. Right now it is just a two sided wind break.
So it kind of seems like everyone is just building their own rather than buying pre-made stalls. That's a super fancy tack room kelly, I like the idea of bringing them in to do the grooming rather than bringing the brushes to them. But I'd definitely want something more solid for tying. Not that I even tie mine half the time, but I saw a horse get hurt pretty badly dragging his hitching rail and it has made me nervous for life.
I'm all for practical over pretty. I love function regardless of bells and whistles. That being said, you don't have to choose functional without fancy if it's within your capacity.
Ok here are some pics of our old barn ( mind the junk)


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What I'm looking at is an older bank barn, but it doesn't have support posts, and I'm not really talented with building things. I'm considering modular mini stalls, but I can't really figure out how you hang feeders and water buckets from them. I'm pretty sure that 8' x8' will work for stalls, even for foaling but I'd like something that's nice, too.

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