What does a mini weigh?

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May 15, 2005
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Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada
How much does an average 34 and under mini weigh?- I need to know so that we can figure out how many minis we can have in a barn legally - though the minister of agriculture- They have a formula on how far a barn has to be from a house but it is based upon weight and how many animals, he does not have a callculation for mini horses .

Thank You in advance!

Between 250 and 300... #300 being the very top for a very well muscled more stocky mini... And 250 for an average one...So I would add up wts. say at 275 Lbs/animal to take care of the weight variants..
I have 32" broodmares that weigh in at 186 KILOGRAMMES!!! There is no hard and fast rule to this I am afraid, it is one of those "how long is a piece of string??" questions. My 28" stallion weighs 118 kgs. (X 2.2 for lbs.)
rabbitsfizz said:
I have 32" broodmares that weigh in at 186 KILOGRAMMES!!!  There is no hard and fast rule to this I am afraid, it is one of those "how long is a piece of string??" questions.  My 28" stallion weighs 118 kgs. (X 2.2 for lbs.)

Holey moley that is some serious fatness! My little 33" and 34" tanks with their obese love handles still weigh less than 250 lbs.
I'd say go with #250 per Mini. Tht's about what mine adverage. Course, I have some tiny ones (175) and some BIG ones (350) but on adverage I'd go with 250lbs.
Kentucky Equine institute ran a study at A Nationals a few years ago, and came up with forumulas for getting the weight of your horse. According to the study it's accurate to within 1 - 2 %

(11.68*girth)+(2.85*Height)-348.53 = weight.

So a horse that is 35" tall (11.68 * 35) and

has a girth of 47" (47 X 2.85) PLUS


Weighs 300.2 pounds.
I have a pair of long three year olds who weigh 275 and 290 who stand at 32.75 inches. Not a bit of fat or hay belly on them, just hard muscle. I think the two year olds carry as much weight just not as conditioned.
So you all see my first post at between 250 and 300 Lbs is right on the mark... And Forget those tapes~!! The only true way to have a mini weighed is by using a scale most small animal vet clinics will allow you to weigh a mini at no charge.
That's absolutely true about the weight tapes even the ones made for minis are extremely inaccurate and even the best of the formulas can only get you within 10% of the actual weight. The only way you will ever know the true weight of your mini is with a (accurate) scale.
I have weighed my two minis in on a scale and my 33" Gelding is 228 lbs and my 33 3/4" mare is 238 lbs. Both are in great shape, neither too fat nore too thin.

Al B on here has a scal for his minis and I remember awhile back he weighed and recorded the heights and weights of all his broodmares so he should be able to give you a really good idea.
Both of these horses were weighed properly on a stand on scale.

Black gelding, 30 inches, nine years old, 155 pounds, fit and in show shape.

Varnish appy mare, 33.50 inches, eight years old, 180 pounds, in super-fit shape.

At a horse show we were at recently there was a horse feed dealer there who had a scale and wanted us to weigh the horses we were showing. A yearling 26 3/4" weighed 154 lbs. A two year old 29 1/2" mare weighed 184 lbs. A two year old stallion who is 32 1/2" weighed 254 lbs. The mares are very small and delicate. All the horses were in very good shape too. Aubrey

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