What colour is she?

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Oct 31, 2004
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Quebec, Canada
This is Sky my 2005 mini filly. She arrives here in a little over a week. She was not registered properly colour wise.(black appaloosa) so would like to change it when i transfer her into my name. She was born a bay, her sire is sorrel and her dam is sorrel appaloosa. Here is her first photo http://groups.msn.com/SPHArabians/horsesow...oto&PhotoID=306 (before being shaved)

2nd photo is after she was shaved http://groups.msn.com/SPHArabians/horsesow...oto&PhotoID=308

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
she cute.. i donno the color, maybe bay or dark chestnut.. can only see her head.. so i can say.. & these mini colours can so confusing!

they shold be like regular horse

i know how you feel, i don't get my filly untill july 31.. from sandra from bucknell minis...

paticens is a vertue i guess

The colours are the same for any horse, any size. She is Bay, no Appy characteristics.
First off, your filly wasn't the only one registered incorrectly as far as color is concerned. A bay horse cannot have parents that are sorrel and sorrel appaloosa. Two sorrels can produce only sorrel. Therefore, if she is a bay, one of her parents must have been a silver bay.

In the first picture she is definitely bay; in the 2nd one I'd have said she looks chestnut, except for the black ear tips...she is bay.
Missed that
You are quite right, the parents colour is incorrect, but the foal is Bay, NOT black Appaloosa!!
You're all right....how anyone could register her as a black appaloosa is beyond me!
She must not be registered AMHA....as they require photos & would never register her that way.

She is a darling little "bay" girl.

Her sire is a sorrel. The dam is whitish, with appy characteristics and sorrel spotting on her. I'll try to scan a photo of dam. I thought to register her a bay and if she changes when I get her permanent papers then I will do so. I hope she stays bay to be honest. She is a very pretty girl whatever colour she will be.
Shana, the Appy spots MUST be Bay or Black. Two red based animals CANNOT produce ANYTHING except a Red.
Like Rabbitsfizz said, 2 red based (sorrel) horses cannot produce a black based (bay) horse--your filly is bay and so one of those parents is not a sorrel.

Looking at the photo of Gallagher...it is possible that he is a silver bay. As for the dam, she looks "red" all right, but is that the red of a sorrel....or the red of a bay; again, it looks possible that she could be black based. Do you have pictures of the parents of these 2 horses?

Bays simply do not come from 2 sorrel parents!
I agree- neither animal is a "simple" colour, but, whatever, either one parent is misidentified or one parent is not one of the parents!!! The foal is Bay, it HAS to have a black based parent.
Your new baby is a bay. The foal's sire is a silver bay.

Hi Should I register Sky as a silver bay as her mane and tail are not pure black, but starting to go brownish or should I just register her bay with black mane and tail for mane and tail colour. Any help will be appreciated.
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