What color patterns do these horses have?

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Nov 30, 2002
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First is my filly. THey are not very good pics but I dont have any other of her. She was palomino pinto, but not sure if she really is or if she is silver dapple. I am currently waiting for her Cream and LWO tests to come back. Here she is....I dont know what color she has on the other side, she now looks solid white(no she is NOT gray)




Second mare is my aunts mare. She is in foal to her buckskin stallion for next year. She is LWO NEgative. Next year she will be bred to our overo stallion

I would guess Tovero on both, but I'm not sure.

Your filly almost looks like a Medicine Hat tovero.
I know my filly is a medicin hat. IM really hopeing she is LWO but im thinking she probably isnt. WOnt know for sure with out her test results thou.
Do you know if either her dam or sire is LWO?

The filly is very pretty!

Liz V.
The fillys parents were never tested. HEr sire is a tovero, being a half brother to the homozygous stallion we used to own.

The mare I dont know anything about. My aunt bought her from a farm that had thousands of acres. The owned both parents, but on that many acres locating them at the time was not a option.
Horse # 1: Tobiano & Splash Overo.

Horse # 2: Does she have blue eyes? It's hard to say .... Does she have any other color on the side not pictured? I'm guessing without knowing any more information; Tobiano and Splash Overo also.
Horse #2 has no other color then what is on her head. She had 1 blue eye. She had a extreamly loud pinto filly with blue eyes.

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