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Apr 16, 2007
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Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
Sable is in heat. The last couple of days she has been winking. If I touch her tail she picks it up and holds it there, winking. I figured she was thin for a pregnant mare. Now I know why. This is the second year this has happened. Only last time she fooled me she didn't exhibit the same signs of being in foal and did not show heat signs. There is no stallion anywhere near here so i don;t know why she is doing this. She is kicking her belly, swatting her tail, backing into the walls, etc. I have not seen her squirt or squat as of yet. Is it possible for her to be in foal and act like this? I have heard pressure can make them do this?

I swear I still feel movement but I have to wait a long time and usually it is a little thump or too which I am beginning to think is something else and I have to push in to feel anything, and far. She sure acts pregnant but does not look it and I can't feel a foal in there, except for a hard mass sometimes that moves when she breathes. She has white milk in her bag, would that be because of heat hormones?

Here is a pic of Sable from today..she does not look large enough to be this far along..opinions? Also would the foal sitting sideways make it appear that the mare is not in foal? She looks different from one day to the next. Sometimes wide from the front and low on the side and other times tucked up from the side and front. I don't get it?


She would have been 295 days today. I can't believe this is happening again. I was looking so forward to this foal
Just because she's showing heat doesn't mean shes not bred. I've had mares show heat up to the day before they foaled.

I'd treat her as though she were in foal
I agree 100% with Dana I had a mare that never had a foal before and we kept on breeding her through the summer because she always showed heat. Even in the spring she came in heat well when she had about a month to go we realized that she was in foal and we got a beautiful filly out of it
So I would treat her as if she was in foal and keep an eye on her bag, and her tummy. And if it's possible, do you have a vet in the area that can 'check' her? I would do that if your not for certain, but she does look pregnant to me.
Thanks for the info. I am still not convinced, but then tomorrow I might be

No vet that will preg check her, no.

She has white milk but it skipped the other stages and went from cloudy to white in two days. Not sticky though yet. She has no bag at all. Is this possible?
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I have a mare about ready to pop. Well, the day before yesterday, she's squealing and presenting her butt to my stallion. My friend told me its a way for mare's to workout their hormone situations when they are pregnant.
Could be yours! :DOH!
I have a mare that comes in season routinely while she is pregnant..Its crazy, full blown in season. And then foaled a week later

Good Luck, maybe get a urine test?
Sorry your going through this! Yikes. I know your pain!

Whoo hoo! Today she has a swollen nipple. The beginning of bagging up! I felt the foal clearly again this morning when she was eating. It sits on her right side. So something is in there it just keeps finding places to hide! I just don't know where she is fitting this foal in, she is so small.

She still has white milk, but the swollen nipple I can't get anything from. Hoping this is a good sign!

I feel much better today.
We have a mare who teasing the studs until she foals.
Good luck.

keep us posted.

Try to take photos of her udder.The folks on here are very good at helping.
I'm kind of in the same boat as you! I have three mares that I'm not sure are still in foal.. The one has been spending a lot of time near the studs, letting them smell her etc so I had written her off as open and just starting to transition into cycling again, but now I'm second guesssing myself with some of the posts above, though I really do feel she is open..

Then I have two others mares, one was covered only during one heat cycle and NEVER showed heat again, the other we bred on a heat cycle, showed heat again weeks later so rebred her and then she never showed signs again.. Neither are very big at all, which makes me think open as they defnitely do not look big enough to have a baby hiding in there, but they both have swelling in front of their udders like they did last year when they began bagging, and the udder has relaxed, the one mare when she dries up her udder pulls up to the point that the teats are all you feel, and right now she has loose udder skin.. I haven't been able to feel or see baby movements, but the bay mare we never saw any last year and she gave us a filly, and the pinto mare we didn't see movement until a couple weeks before she foaled.. So guess it's a wait and see, going to treat them and keep an eye on them like bred mares, but we also turn them out in a lot near the boys to keep an eye out for heat signs..

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