We have 6 mini's, 5 of which are rescue's

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Sep 7, 2004
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LaFargeville NY
We are new to horses. We found a lady about 5 hours from us, that saved 12 mini's from a farm in another state that were in bad shape. She went there to buy a quarter horse. She saw how bad of shape the mini's were in and her and her husband borrowed ALL of the money from there life insurance policy to buy them.

She has brought them back to good health, some still need fattening up. We got 5 of them from her, 1 little girl has only 1 eye due to an infection. We have another which is our farm ma-ma horse. She was not a rescue.

Well my point is, I have learned alot from these 5 horses. After all they have been through, they are the sweetest animals. They are so affectionate, and loving. Just happy everyday! Makes me think, We should just be happy to be healthy, and have people around who love us. Make everyday a good 1.

www.thesanfordfamily.4t.com Thanks for letting me share!
Bless you! Your place in heaven is assured. Now....we need pictures.

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