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Jess P

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Aug 22, 2004
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New Hampshire
Does anyone have any plans or ideas for wash stands? Instead of having my mom hold my horses when I wash them, I would rather tie them and wash them. Any ideas on how to secure and what to use etc? thanks
you can make what marty has, that works great, or what i do untill we get our new house, tie him/her to a tree & have them stand on a mat.. it works!

what we are going to do, is behind our new arena, have a 1ft step up onto a 10 x 10 ft deck..with cross ties, mats, hose & hot/cold water, that will be our wash rack, for minis only.. maybe that can help
What I do now is to take some of our panels and set up this little stall type area. I have them stand on a mat, as well as put mats up on the sides to reduce the wind coming through. Both of my boys tied well, so I just tied them to the gate and they are fine about it.
My rack is as make shift as you can get. It's just cross ties and mats from the horse trailer.


See my big fat butt hanging out there just a swinging in the breeze don't cha?

However! There's that "however" again.....I'm getting a new one! ha ha *he he *the funny farm is me****.....it's going to be a concrete pad out the back door of the new barn. No need for drains because Jerry is just going to taper it to just run right off and down down down......I used to have one with rails like a stock to keep them from going from side to side, but it was a pain and not necessary for me.

Now if you want a real cheater cheapo way, set your 4 X 4 cross ties up

in the ground and go over to Sam's Club or to Lowe's and get you a

couple of packs of those snap together rubber mat squares that come in

a package and use those for mats*** but you have to duck tape those bad

boys together cause they don't stay unless you do.
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Well, I'd take pictures of mine but I'm not one to brag.

My "wash wrack" is a cement slab in a large dog kennel with a hose and I tie the horses to the shed that is along one side of the kennel (3-side is high fence, 1 side is a huge storage shed).

There was an existing slab in our yard from an old metal shed people used to have at our house before we bought it. So, Harvey just added to the cement slab along the side of it to make the surface bigger and he put pebbles in it for traction and it has a bit of a slant.

I've been thinking, though, of asking Harvey to make me a deck type platform that I'd put a "holey" mat on and have it have an L shaped wall. That would maybe give me a good place to bathe them but also a good place to clip the ones that are pills (so I could press them to a wall).

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