WANTED: 2 Volunteers for Hurricane Relief Efforts

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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
I am setting up a special Category on the LB Last Chance Auction for fundraising for the Hurricane relief. I will need 2 people that can and will be available to run this. Duties will include posting of all items that will be donated for fundraising, ensuring that payments have been received at the end of the auction, and then contacting the donator to have the items sent to the winner of the auction.

Here's how it will work...

* This special category will be open only to listings posted by these designated people. (volunteers)

* People wishing to donate items to put up for auction will need to email the information, as well as the photos to one of the 2 volunteers.

* Donators will be mentioned by name/farm name in each listing, with a link to website if so desired, and information provided.

* Donors MUST agree to pay all shipping costs of items to the winner. Special circumstances will be in order for large items, such as a horse, where then the successful winner would be held accountable.

* All listings will run a maximum of 5 days. 3-5 days is best, because this is an EMERGENCY, and funds are required NOW.

* All payments for items won are due IMMEDIATELY upon close/winning of auction. Payments by PayPal(details to be worked out by volunteers and myself), check and money orders will be accepted on all auctions. Items paid by check will NOT be sent to winner until check is cleared bank, so it is STRONGLY encouraged that people pay with PayPal and money orders.

* 100% of all money raised in this auction will go DIRECTLY to the rescue efforts. The LB Last Chance Auction will NOT benefit in any way. We are donating the use of the auction, and no fees for posting, nor for selling, will be charged, as long as the items are sent to and listed by the volunteers.

* Only items where 100% of the final sales price will be donated, can participate through this special category, and again, DO NOT POST THE ITEMS YOURSELF.

* If you do post items yourself, under your own personal username, even though it is under the special category, your personal account WILL be charged any listing and selling fees incurred, and you WILL be required to pay those fees.

* ALL ITEMS POSTED stating that proceeds are to go to charity MUST in fact make the contribution. FRAUD charges WILL be sought for those that choose to abuse this situation! This will be STRICTLY ENFORCED!!!! We run and honest auction, and plan to keep it that way!!

It is my suggestion/feeling that all funds raised here should be split up between people AND horse/animal rescue. I was thinking along the lines of 25% to CMHR with their new special account they have recently opened to help specifically for this cause, 25% to Lone Star Equine Rescue, and 50% to the Red Cross special account for the Hurricane Disaster Relief they have open. Of course, this is open to discussion between the volunteers and myself. It is NOT set in stone, just an idea...a starting point, but, we do want to keep it to as few MAJOR charities as possible.

I am sure I am forgetting something here, but please offer any ideas on anything I may have missed.

I posted a reply on the regular Miniature Horse Forum on this regarding donations that Dr. Benson's is offering.

We have out 2 volunteers. Thank you Tanya and Eileen.

We are just ironing out a few details, and will get the items listed as soon as we can.

Again, those of you that wish to list something yourself to raise some money for the relief efforts under the category are welcome to do so, but in doing so, YOU wioll be responsible for sending the stated donation to the charity of your choice, as well, you will be charged all regular auction fees.

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