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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana

Its' our 8th Annual Chances Miniature Horse Rescue $3 Mission of Thanks!!

Why $3?

Because it is 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and we all have so very much to be thankful for, we all do!

Because we are only asking for $3 from each person, and yes it does work. $3 at a time, from one person at a time, in the past has equaled thousands of dollars. It is so simple, who would of thought it would of made such a huge difference but it has proven to do just that.

While so many other organizations ask for $50 or $100, we truly believe most people are able to do the $3. Most people do want to help but with the world the way it is, that $50 is just to much. The $3 allows them to make a difference.

The mission will run up to Thanksgiving Day. During the Mission we will have gifts, prizes, and surprises to purchase with all money going to CMHR. They will be posted here. We will also have matches. In many cases when you donate during a match, your donation becomes worth so much more! So make sure to check this post often for information and updates.

If you are unsure of all the work that CMHR does, please also watch here for stories of rescues, adoptions and the difference this organization is making.

If you would like to read about where it is your money is going, please visit their site at http://www.chancesminihorserescue.org/

CMHR is a tax exempt organization with a public charity status.

Why did I get involved? Because reading of a rescue over 8 years ago, my thought was, I sure hope they are still around if one of my horses ever needed them. So to make sure they were around, I got involved. The biggest thing I do for them, is talk. Here, throughout the mission.

Organizations are always in need of donations, with CMHR this year, this Mission has become hugely important. With taking in several horses the last several months, one horse in particular who is in great need of vet care, this Mission is needed to make sure these wonderful horses get all of the care they need and deserve. CMHR officers and board members are so busy with all the HAVE to stuff, having enough money to care for these little ones should be the last thing on their mind. So we need your help to make their job easier.

What will you spend $3 on this week that maybe you could do without, that would allow you to donate? Starbucks coffee is more than $3. The difference between taking lunch to work and buying out for lunch, is about $3.

Really, that is all we are asking from you, $3.

While reading this, so as not to forget, I hope you will hop over to Paypal and make your donation, getting this Mission started with a huge bang!!

I am always so nervous at the start of the Mission, kind of starts slow and I do understand, after all you have 3 weeks, but knowing the great need this year, guess I am a little more nervous.

To donate: you can go to http://www.chancesminihorserescue.org/donate On the lower right hand side of the page is a Donate button that is used for Paypal.

Please put $3 Mission of Thanks in the notes.

Yes we still accept checks and money orders by mail:

Chances Mini Horse Rescue
5846 Craven Road
Emmett, MI 48022
Checks payable to Chances Mini Horse Rescue

We can't begin to thank all of those at Lil Beginnings for allowing us to use the board each year for this fundraiser, they are just about the best!

If you are a newer member and have questions, please feel free to ask and we will make sure the correct person responds to your question.

As in the past 7 years: Lets Get This Party Started!!

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Woot! I love November for this reason alone!

In honor of my 5 lovely girls, I've made my first donation for 2013
Did you know that if sending by PayPal if you mark it as a gift PP doesn't suck a fee out?

If we do that, CMHR will get every cent

I'm going to make a donation in Sonny's name.

He was my first ever foal and he was nearly 20 years old when we lost him suddenly to a big stroke a week ago.
I don't get paid til next week, but had $12 in Paypal so sent it off to CMHR for a start, I'll be back after I get paid (also like to wait for matches, prizes and gifts).

That could be a dollar for each adult mini I own.
Now THAT'S how you get this party started!!


Thank you all so much for a great first day!
I'll be chiming in to tell you all about some of our horses we rescued in 2013. I don't believe in posting horribly graphic pictures and of course names are always kept confidential but I'll say what I can.

Midnight is a mare who lived tied to a tree for who knows how long?

We sent a vet out to get her a coggins and health paper and he refused to release her, saying her feet were in such terrible shape she couldn't be moved anywhere at that time. The vet then got his farrier out to do what he could and then we had to wait nearly a month for the vet to return for another exam and finally say she could travel to a foster home, as long as it wasn't going to be a very long trip..

In foster care, she thrived and became the healthy girl she should. She shines now from head to hoof and is as gentle as can be. foster home became suspicious and took her for an ultrasound and the mare was found to be pregnant. We don't know what she was bred to but she is in very capable hands in foster care who has been on mare stare for quite some time. Midnight is in the lap of luxury being treated like the queen she is in Oklahoma. Midnight and her foal have already been unoffically adopted by someone here if she cares to say.

Since these "suprise" foals have happened to us on many occasions, we now have a policy in CMHR that EVERY mare who comes into our program shall be ultrasounded immediately.

Midnight preg.jpg
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I have no idea why so many pictures! Sorry if anyone can fix that!
I love the stories Marty!

{{{{ REO }}}} SO sorry to hear of your loss.
Stay tuned Wing, there's much more:

Peggy Porter in Kansas brought a colt to our attention who was trouble. Stetson had the most twisted up feet that knocked us for a loop. He was only a yearling and never had any care and I mean zero. He was not halter broke, on a huge parasite overload, infested with lice, no vaccines, nothing and had been very abused by his owner and was completely terrified. Thankfully Peggy offered to foster him for us and when she picked him up, she witnessed some of the abuse as he was drug and manhandled very harshly and cruely to her trailer. We got the vet and farrier out there and Peggy turned him around in record time, teaching him to trust, halter broke him and started him on setting up and various obstacles and made him look like a million bucks.The icing on the cake is that Peggy manged to get the paperwork for him so he is now officially AMHR "CMHR A Chance At Gold"

Stetson was adopted by a wonderful lady in California who loves him to pieces and is very good at re-hab and will continue to work on his one back foot which is still problematic.

Palomino colts feet 2013.jpg

Marty, thanks so much for adding the wonderful stories of the horses you have taken in, I appreciate all you and CMHR do for all the horses!!

WOW, what a great first day we had, can't wait to see what the next 2 weeks and 6 days brings!

As it is payday for many, and while it is fresh on your mind, don't forget to hop on over to the rescue page and make your donation! All information on how to make a donation is on the original post.. Very easy to do and yes, your $3 is making a huge difference.

We are so very grateful for those here on the forum, year after year they continue to amaze me with their generousness. So happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

We are hoping for a great first weekend with the Mission, and we know that will happen with your help. Thank you so much.

It may be several days before we have any totals, as CMHR Treasurer is enjoying a brand new grandbaby!! Congrats to Tammie and her family!

Those at CMHR work hard each and every day, so giving them these 3 weeks by the rest of us will make the rest of the year so much easier for them.

But most important, is helping a horse that other wise would have never had a chance. YOU are doing that for them!
Yay for the 3.00 Mission Of Thanks! Woo hoo!

Let's see:

3.00 X 14 horses = 42.00

3.00 X 2 dogs = 6.00

3.00 X 1 bunny = 3.00

3.00 in Squirt's honor = 3.00

3.00 in Brownie's honor = 3.00

Grand Total = 57.00

Oh Shoot I might as well make it an even $100.00!
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I'll continue to tell you about some of our 2013 rescues.

This happened when Connie Parr was President of CMHR

Browine was brought to our attention so Connie offered to get her and foster her. She took off by herself in the middle of a very bad snow storm and drive with the trailer in tow to pick her up. She had me on the phone for part of the trip and all I can say is I can't believe she drove in that kind of mess, but all she had on her mind was getting this horse home. . She pulled up at what we'd call a very questionable looking place so she hung up on me and got her husband on the phone as she began to worry about her safety going in there. She got Brownie out as quickly as possible but after she unloaded her at home at night and went over her, it was a lot worse than we could have imagined. This horse was suffering in so much pain, Connie gave her something for it, cleaned her up, and bedded her down softly until the vet could come in the morning. We already assumed little Brownie was in deep trouble with her over grown feet which could be foundered from her pictures we saw previously, but we didn't expect to find Brownie was also suffering terribly from being penned up with goat with horns. He did substantial damage to some of her body parts including her eyes and she was in fact foundered on all four feet severely. We are no strangers to founder and always ready to give it our best shot but these other complications made this situation very dark. There were other things going on with her as well but I reallly can't remember off hand at this time but it became a list of bad news. The vet came and did an exam and all our plans for rehabilitation were not in Brownie's future as we had hoped. On the recommendation of the vet and the entire Board of Directors, we all felt the kindest thing to do was to release Brownie where she would never be hurt again.Connie gave Brownie probably the only kindness she ever had. She gave her a pain free time, a soft bed, a good meal, a kind word, a lot of hugs and for that short time, Browinie experienced love.

Some may feel this was a waste of time and money. But we have to look at the big picture. What if CMHR didn't agree get Brownie out of that place? Someone had to step up and do something and that's what we do.

Rescue with CMHR doesn't always go as planned. We go in with two eyes open, a big heart and a whole lot of hope but sometimes it all gets blown apart.

I can not thank you all enough for your generosity, you guys are awesome, I am so proud to be your friend.

All at CMHR appreciate each and every one of you, you are their best support in so many ways.

I hope as you are sitting down this weekend, you take a minute to go to CMHR website and see all the good they accomplish, and hit that Donate button while there.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please let us answer those for you.

Hoping for one great first weekend of our 2013 Mission!
It's the time of year where most people feel being Thankful. We sure hope you are thankful 3 dollars worth!

Hoping to have our first running total the first of the week. Hit that donate button and lets give Tammie lots of work!!

Also the first of the week, we will have our first item to purchase...and our first match to follow soon after!

Make sure to check back!!

If you have an item you would like to donate for us to sale or auction off, please send me a message and we would be happy to work it into our mission.

OR, if you would like to offer a match or a challenge, message me as well.

We still take checks and love to get the mail! So if you are sitting to pay bills this weekend, don't forget CMHR. Address appears on original post!!


I'll be happy to field any questions about CMHR and the way it works so ask away.

We appreciate your support very much. Funds are badly needed to continue our work. Thanks all for coming to this thread and helping out a very good cause.
I thought I would take a few moments and share little Lyon's story with everyone. When I was CMHR President I received a call from the Lapeer County Animal Control that there was a little horse in need. Seems as though someone didn't want him any longer and just turned him loose to fend for himself. I went and picked him up and this is what he looked like on that day:


It was VERY apparent that poor little Lyon was neglected for quite some time. I took him home with me to foster and we had him vaccinated, wormed, hooves trimmed, gelded, saw the dentist, added a few groceries a bath, clip and................lots of TLC and this was little Lyon just three short months later.


Lyon was adopted by a wonderful family not long thereafter and he is doing just marvelous! This is what your wonderful donations help CMHR continue to do. I hope each and every person here will donate 3.00 so every horse can have a chance at a better life.

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Oh Connie, thank you so much for sharing his story. I think it does help for others to see the difference CMHR makes to these little horses! He is now so very cute. I am very happy for him and his happy happy new life. I really wish they could talk and let every one know how important CMHR is to them. Those of us that now have a CMHR horse, DO hear them and DO know the difference.

The first thing that Misty told me...was how special all these wonderful people are, and she is so right!

  1. Can I do the first auction of the mission? If so, I would love do donate the making of a ribbon bag to the highest bidder. If the winner has their own ribbons, they will have to ship them to me (I will help you decide how many) and I will make the bag and pay the shipping to send it to you. If you do not have any ribbons, I have a bunch, but very few blue, red or champion ribbons so using my ribbons--while still pretty--will be mainly 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place. If this is ok with everyone, let the bidding begin and the highest bidder on Tues, Nov 12 at midnight central time will get a ribbon bag.
I am posting this on Dave's name, but this is Dannigirl or Angie Foy
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