$3 Mission of Thanks; Thank you all SO much!!

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Please tell me I have not missed this...

I would like to donate. Someone please send me info how to donate by PayPal.
Page one of this thread has all the info JAX

The double match runs until noon on Thanksgiving!!

We need 7 more people!!!!!!!!! Tell a friend!!

For each person who donates $10 or more, 2 private donors will donate $20 for you!!
These folks WANT to use the entire amount. Up to 10 people.

What a great opportunity!!!

To donate, $3, $10, $50 or .50

Go to http://www.chancesminihorserescue.org/donate

It all counts.

Thank you all so very much, I appreciate each of you!!

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!
  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! Hope you all have a blessed day spent with family and friends!! On our final day of our 8th Annual $3 Mission of thanks I just want to tell you all how thankful we are for each and everyone of you! A very special thank you to Carolyn for doing this for us every year....you are all angels!
If you have not donated this year it's not to late and keep in mind we take donations year round.

Our total amount of donations received as of this morning is $1,312.00!!!!!

I will post a final total in a few days just in case there are some donations coming in the mail!!!

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We are still honoring the match for today!!!

If you donate $10, 2 donors will then donate $20 FOR YOU!!

You will never get a deal like that again!!

Thank you so much to CMHR, their board, those at Lil Beginnings, all who have donated a prize, Lisa at Ozark,

and to all have donated to this Mission, We can not begin to thank you.

Please remember that our $3 Mission is only for 3 weeks, CMHR Mission is year round.

I appreciate you all so very very much!!
Can I sneak in here with another special thanks to Angie (Dannigirl).....She just helped us out and moved two horses for us from Illinois to Wisconsin this week, besides being kind enough to help in this Mission of Thanks. We have a lot of unsung heros who help CMHR and for all of you, we give you our Thanks..
Yay I got my donation made! Yes was over $10 so I hope the matches are still going on. I sent through PayPal and it will show me as Jacqueline Chandler. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you for all the work you do for those in need!
Here's hoping its not too late to get in on the matches; I just donated another $10 via Paypal.
It is NOT to late, it is never to late!!

Thank you all so much!! There just aren't enough words, right words, for how much this means to CMHR!!

We are all truly blessed this Thanksgiving DAY!
I want to thank everyone for all the donations, in all forms!!

We appreciate you so very much!!

Please consider CMHR for donations through out the year, there is always a need!

Bookmark their page!

Tammy, I do know more is on it's way through the mail, but do you have a total at this point???
I got my bucket from Ozark tack today! WOW, thank you so much it is so full of wonderful usfull and fun things. Can't wait till next years mission.
As long as this has been bumped back up, do we have a total for this year's mission? We are a couple weeks past Thanksgiving, so all mailed donations should have arrived by now, unless holiday mail has slowed stuff down.
Thank you all for being so patient.....I am so VERY sorry that I have not been back before now to post the final total of the $3 Mission of Thanks....been a very busy few months here for me with the addition of my new grandson born November 6th and the craziness of the holidays and everyday life....busy...busy and to be completely honest I just totally forgot!! Anyway, our final total was $1,804.00!!!! Thank you all so very very much for your generosity and your continued support of CMHR! You are all so very wonderful! God Bless you all and Merry Christmas!!!

Tammie Miller

CMHR Treasurer

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