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25 minutes today with Billy. First we did ground driving; it's been nearly a month because I didn't have his bridle. He was pretty silly. Then I led him a little so I could practice falling. I think I fell pretty realistically, but he did not shy a step.
I may put Pepper in the house next time we go out as she is a nuisance. But I really want my animals to get along with each other and with me; how can that happen if I don't persevere with working with them together? Billy does not mind her anymore and lets her jump up and give him kisses. And he doesn't try to stomp her any more. We are making progress!
What a good day Marsha. I'm glad Billy did well with the practicing falling. Will you ask him to mentally tap into Mint minds and talk to her?🤣

The first run of the year. Mint is always up for a good frisky run. Hershey needs a little convincing but once he got moving they ran for over 3 minutes non stop.


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Marsha Cassada, thank you! No, he isn't clipped.... actually, I just ran a brush over him to get rid of the leaves and dirt, and brushed his mane real quick for the picture 😆
He's really pretty fluffy right now...I guess it just doesn't show in the picture.
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