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Nov 30, 2002
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I posted last week about my friends colt "trauma" she found her colt standing with hanging head, No temperatur elevation, Not eating..she was thinking over heated..anyways it got worse and he laid and she could NOT get him up..

Rushed him to the vet..he did a full blood panel and decided that liver damage is the culprit and decided it was trauma..she left him overnight and he got IV's and Nitro on the hooves..he also had Not small enough tubes and it took him 8 hrs to find tubes that fit the horse.

This guy is ONE of 12 vets that are spread out around our town..all working for ONE headvet..(owner)

He never exactly explained to my friend what he is doing..even after she repeatly asked..he treated the little horse like cattle..and she was very upset..she checked on the horse again at night..he laid and was threasing with his legs and feet like he tried to get up..

Next morning she drove again to the hospital and the horse laid dead in the stall..she was highly upset and proceeded into the office..where Mr. vet sat and told her..well guess you saw..he didn't make it..No sorry, No explanation..she was so mad she pulled all the Iv's and took her horse home and burried him..she called me AFTER she burried him..I would have told her to do a necropsy..anyways..would you go to the big boss and complain about that young vet or just write it off and hope you never get him in a emergency call??

Shealso was stuck with a 600.00 vetbill and a dead horse!!
I would most certainly call the big boss and tell him all the details and also write a very detailed letter to your state veterinary association. I am sure they have a place to file complaints.Most professional groups have a board who will oversee situations like this.Good luck and keep us posted.
How awful! So little compassion! I would DEFINATELY complain to the owner! It is so awful to lose a horse and to have this to deal with on top of heartfelt sympathy!

A friend recently lost a yearling and the vets were so good to her and the filly. After they had to send her to the rainbow path the vets made a donation in the filly's name to an equine charity. THESE are the kind of vets we need more of! Kind and caring!

Well..I am back..just went with my friend to the "Boss"..he told us that he did get a second opinion..that he did call another vet for advise and that he did have another vet look at the blood panel results..the other vet that saw the panel told him that the horse is basiclly my friend has never been told all of that..she would have put him to sleep instead of prolonging his missery and pain..

So after looking back it was a major communication breakdown ..we both feel better that we got our point across and feel like it should be the owners decision what to do..and the vet should help the owner to make a good decision by telling ALL options and show compassion..after all we are the customers and pay his paycheck..
This is such a very hot subject with me that makes me crazy. You have just struck such a nerve.

Christine, I could tell this whole forum the horror stories of my vet encounters since I moved up here that would make your head spin. I have never in my life until I moved here have experienced such incompetence and such non-carring and rudeness and down right malpractice that it makes my blood boil.

Too bad it took me so long to finally find a great vet and by gosh I don't mind letter her know how I appreciate her every chance I get. I am possitive that my quarter horses would still be alive if we had only met her first!

I am so sorry that your friend's horse has passed on and under these circumstances. Her vet's lack of bedside manner would have gotten me quite upset too. Sometimes I feel that the vets just assume that "we won't understand" things and take it upon themselves not to communicate with us because they just don't know how to. That vet deserves atleast a "you up and a you down" from his boss and a lesson in bedside manner. I am glad you went with her so that she did not have to go through this tragedy alone.
I have learned that when it comes to my animals, "in a critical state," at the vets, that I need to be constantly monitoring what is going on, (either by phone , or better in person) As I have had similar situtations happen to me, with my animals. They were either too busy, or not paying attention to the animals needs. Something I had to learn by personal experience, like your friend. I am sorry for your friends loss.
I saw this thread and was thinking (hoping) that it was a post about a positive experience with a vet who HAS compassion. So sad to see that it was the total opposite.
Please give your friend my condolences.
We found a vet from Stoney Creek equine here in Michigan that is wonderful. He gives me copies of information in case another vet needs to see it and very important stuff puts the results in simple terms that that we can understand anlong with all the medical terms for his other vet in case he has to come. Calls on follow ups to see how a horse was doing and just is so very helpful in expaining things to you. He has treated all of our 20 horses very well.
I am so sorry for what your friend went through

I lost a mare almost 2 years ago, and I still believe in my heart that it was partly due to the vet's negligence. Not sure if it made a difference, but I did file a complaint with the AAEP. For all I know, others have also filed grievances against him, too.

I know it won't get your friend's horse back, but it is an option.

Best wishes,

Liz R.

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