Very sad but hopeful day in the hollow

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Aug 31, 2003
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I've had a tough 19 mos. I've herniated so many discs in my neckand back over all of that time. Thanks to Bonnie who helped me (reiki) more than modern science I felt pretty good considering the continueing deteriotation of the spinal discs when over stressed.

I have 8 horses, down from 12. Today I have 3 mares and 1 foal left. Last week the stallion broke the gate, snapping the wooden posts like toothpicks. He must have been with them from the minute I let them all out at 6:30 and went back out at 8:30 to find the gate down. Imagine the adrenalin and this old lady can move out I tell ya! I grabbed a lead line and unplugged the fencer and ran to the paddock he was attacking my girls in.

At that moment he was in a full sweat, foamy sweat so I knew he'd been at it a while. Treasure and Thera were bloody and a mess in the rear. Keesha, my old girl kept the youngsters safe and away and never broke a sweat.

I snagged Glow and he was blind with hormones. He reared and lunged and struck and was just wild. I made so many circles I was dizzy. It hurt so badly but I wouldn't let go.

Finally Keesha ran up and he quit. (I love that mare) I got him drug into the barn and slapped into the nearest stall and he slammed himself into it over and over. I had to get the riding lawnmower from the shed and back it into the stall door to keep him in.

Then I ran to check my girls. Treasure and Thera, as I said looked to have been bred. They were and open and wet and so very sweaty and tired. Bloody necks and hips too. The yearlings were untouched, tight and dry, thank GOD. Both babies were untouched.

Keesha ran to me and looked into my eyes and I swear she told me, "he never touched me, mom" I was so proud of her for keeping the young kids away from the stallion and 2 mares. Both mares had awful bite marks, Thera had a cut on her foot, but now all are better and sound.

The nite before I had been knocked over by Rose as I treated her eyes, so I emailed our own Ginny St Pierre and she has loved Rose since she was a lil bit and told her, "come get her, pay me whenever you can". Told her what else went on when she called me and she said enough was enough and offered to take some or all of my kids. she came and picked up Rose, of course, and also took my naughty stallion, to see if she can get him sound in mind so maybe I can handle him, and my Keesha is getting a well deserved vacation and will come home come spring hopefully in foal. Ginny will be selling my colt Casey for me from Va.

It was so wonderful to meet Ginny and her friend Pat, it is hard to believe folks with such a generous heart exist but I thank God Ginny is one of God's angels on earth.

My heart just broke and oh my did I cry when that trailer carrying 1/2 of my herd drove off. I can't tell you how many times I almost said I couldn't do it but I am confident in Ginny and Izzy and hope to get the stallion better, Keesha bred, and work on getting me better.

With only 3 ladies home, Thera ia 5 and has a baby at side, Treasure is 2, and Halley is 1 life will sure be easier. These are my easy girls and all get along great together. I can leave them out in the shed. My husband is going to put up 2 six foot gates across the huge run in shed so they can stay out if the weather is ok.

So...sorry so long but I wanted to share my heartbreak and happiness and hope in my getting better and still remaining in this crazy addiction of miniature horses.

Sure feels empty right now but I'll get along. I look forward to spring when Keesha will come home and maybe the Glowbug will too.

Thanks for letting me pour my heart out.
Awwww... Deb! I'm so sorry you're having a tough time. Hopefully now you can enjoy your horses leisurely and know that the rest of your herd is in great hands with Ginny and Izzy. I met both of them this past October .... Wonderful, wonderful caring people! Hugs to you.
[SIZE=14pt]Hi Deb,[/SIZE]

I'm so glad Ginny came to help you with your horses! You could not have found anyone better than Ginny to take them! She's a jewel!

[SIZE=14pt]Ginny is notorious for coming to save the day....she did it for me when Tess was so sick. God Bless her! Take this time Deb to relax some and heal.... Get Bonnie again. And if by some miracle he didnt get treasure bred there is always Uno

OH Debbie I'm so sorry it came to this.

Tough times call for tough measures and you made the right choice

for your health.......that has to be your priority.

Hope the quiet days with the girls that are left is salve for your heart.
Glad all of this is done and your still in one piece.

Are you okay?

Get them hands busy.....


I'm so sorry you had to go through that and I hope the future will bring you back well behavied and bred horses!
I don't know if I'm crying with you or for you! I care so much about you--be well, my friend. Remember--there's always Texas when it gets cold up thar in them woods....
I am so sorry. I know you are experienceing those mixed emotions, but sure sounds like you are making the right choice for you...for your health, and for this time in your life. Who knows...God willing, maybe in the future, you will get some relief from your pain, and will once again be able to enjoy the horses the way you once did. (((HUGS)))
Wow!!! You and your little ones sure have been through alot! I'm glad that everything is now quiet and peaceful for you.....don't be still have little hooves cantering around your paddocks and now maybe they can all settle down, kick back and enjoy the rest of the summer before the snows come. Healing thoughts coming your way.

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So glad to hear things will be lots better for you now through the winter. Glow has just been way too much for you hes such a beautiful naughty boy. Hopefully you can get well and have some easier days.


Thanks so much for going to the rescue and the lobster dinner is still on if you ever decide to take me up on it.
Debi I am so so so sorry that you and your girls had to go through this ordeal.

I think that all things do happen for a reason though and I truly believe that the Good Lord works in mysterious ways and allowed this to happen now, so that you would not find yourself in a mess come winter and fighting blizzards or anymore flooding in your condition. Understand Debi, it was His plan for you. And just to prove that, he sent you an Angel that is named Ginny. Now I have been with Ginny twice up here on the mountain and I can tell you all that Ginny has a calm about her. You just feel good around Ginny.

I know that your horses are going to be ok and are in wonderful hands, and you have nothing to fear and neither do they. I want to tell you to be sure that you drink a nice hot cup of tea to calm you down and relax. Your winter will now be so much easier on you which will allow you will needed rest, less stress and work, and healing to take hold.

Hugs my friend. ((((( ))))
Deb I'm so glad you and your girls weren't seriously injured during the hormonal stallion episode. Boys and their hormones

Very glad Ginny was able to "save the day" so to speak.

Marty is very right when she says "you just feel good around Ginny"

I got to meet her a couple of years ago, she's just a wonderful person
Your horses are in great hands.

Take care of yourself and let Bonnie work her magic.

My heart goes out to you ! You certainly did the right thing for you AND the horses. I know all the problems you've had with Glow. Now you have the help you need to get him in line. I can't imagine handling him with a bad back. These minis, especially stallions, can really yank a person around despite their size. Things will get easier as you get used to the 3 girls being there. You can enjoy them
I'm sure you'll be updated frequently on Glow and the others. So glad you found an answer to your problem
Keep well

I will add my hope that rest and calm will help you physically and prayers for coming future with the horses..

Ginny must be quite a person and I applaud her!

I have SO many physical problems I understand take a toll on your and tires out your soul.!

Thinking of you,

I can only imagine how hard this is for you, as I know how much you love your horses...

Even though you are doing the right thing, that sure does not make it easier. It sounds like your horses have WONDERFUL new homes, though!!!

Please take care of yourself, and know that we're all here for you!
Deb! I'm so sorry to hear about all this in more detail. It sounds like it was so scary! For you and your mares!

I'm also happy for you that your load is lighter. It's hard to let go, but everything happens for a reason! I wish you good luck and God bless!
Well, (sigh), it took me 3 tissues to read all of your replies. Thanks so very much for all your kind words and support. Today is very quiet here in the hollow.

I opened up the stallion paddock and the girls are nicely distracted looking for grass there. Treasure has been calling on and off. Seems she has taken over the herd as lead even though she is only 2. I love to watch her. She grazes and lifts her lovely head to scan everything, check to see everyone is there and ok, then goes back to grazing. Missy is very quiet. I think she misses that imp, Casey. I hope she'll be ok and that Halley will play with her.

I've agonized over this whole thing, tummy ache, headache you know...stress induced stuff. I know they are in wonderful hands. Ginny emailed me this morning from her freind Pat's place to say they arrived safe and got everyone settled for the nite. When they did bedcheck at 9pm Casey decided to follow and thought he could squeeze through the gate opening and got butt caught. Pat's husband took the gate apart to set him free and then they settled them safely for the nite.

They will continue their journey today to Va and I'll breathe easier when they are safe there. Glow is being a punk but he'll settle and we'll see. Seems Glow got close to Keesha and she let her feet fly, Ginny said she sure didn't act old that moment. Rose is being a love and she is very happy with her which makes my heart all warm.

I may not be on for a while. Kinda sad but in few days I'll be back to my old perky self. Thanks again for your support.

I am so sorry to hear all this. I know it was a very hard decision to make, but it was necessary. I know that your horses will get the best care ever from Ginny and Izzy. I too met them last year(visited Ginny's farm) and they are such caring, wonderful people.

Oh I am SO SORRY for all that has happened to you!

You poor thing, that is just awful!

Thank God you have good friends who could help you out!

If you need anything don't hesitate to email, I wish I was closer and could be of more help!

Try to take it easy and enjoy your girls.

I am amazed that your stallion is so mean??

I must be the luckiest person in the world, I have 2 of THE SWEETEST stallions one I just sold:(

They are in close proximity and are just so placid. The young one is 2 and seems to have no idea he is a stud BUT that may change!!

I defiantely could not handle a stallion like that, I hope Ginny can work wonders on him.



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