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Vicky Texas

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May 17, 2004
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Southlake Texas
Hi Gang

I just wanted to share some updated pictures of our Princess.

She was born on June 22, 05. She was 14 1/2 inches at birth.

At 1 month old, she is all of 15 inches, and as perfect as can be.


The above photo is with her Dam SRR Dances With Fire who is all of 25



She is also in my avatar.

Thanks for letting me share.


On her hoofs, we are looking at them again this week. He tried once to trim them but her hoofs were still to soft, she was 2 weeks old. Then last week she was sick.

So hoping this week.

Vicky! You are so blessed! Looky what God has done for you! She is simply gorgeous and oh, she looks full of herself too. What a way to start my day Vicky! Thank you for sharring!
Oh my! I think they are both great! Could you post another pic of mom? I'd love to hear more info on her breeding/foaling history. The tinies are a special interest of mine. I have 27" & 28" mares I'm hesitant to breed but am always searching the forum for info from those more experienced. Any help would be wonderful!

What a Beautiful little Girl!!!

She is just Adorable!!! Congratulations! and Thanks for sharing the pics of them!

Hi Gang

Thank your for the wonderful comments. Sire is 28" Blue roan stallion, produces

tiny foals. Mare is SRR Dances with Fire. She is a red roan and 25". This is her second foal with us. Both delieveries were very easy text book. She is a good mother. Sire is out of Egyptian King. This baby is so breath taking. And full of life.

I think she will be about 25 inches at full height.

Marty, you are right she is a blessing.

I will post some pictures of her and mommy later today. I do have some. Her

dam is also on our web site. But I have new pictures I have not added yet. So I

will post them today.


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