Updated pics of our 3 week old filly - and help w/ question

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eagles ring farm

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Mar 13, 2006
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cedarville new jersey 08311
Here are a few updated pics of our 2012 Perlino filly from this morning

We clipped her head and neck a little last night as she was shedding on her nose

but she has some sunburn on her nose from where she was shedding

and I have 45spf sunblock I put on her nose that I have used in the past for foals

but any suggestions for something better . I hesitate to totally body clip her

but it is going to be hot this weekend so I think its better to have her cooler

not great pics I've learned Double Dilutes pictures are better without sun so they are not squinting but you can see her nose good in the head shot

Eagles Ring Bows Fine Chynna - full sister to our Perlino mare Spice

loving this little girl she was born 5/6



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Aug 16, 2009
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My Pony Sunblock. I had a yearling pinto, clipped his winter coat off and even with my expensive 75 sunblock "just in case" he sunburned terribly. I put Vetericyn on him which healed the sunburn incredibly. When it dried I coated him with the pony sunblock and he never sunburned again. It stays on, is safe, nontoxic, 100% sunblock, in fact it is very hard to wash off. I now use it on Masq who is blue eyed and bald faced. I desensitized him quickly to sponging the dry powder on his nose. He is ticklish there. You can also put it on with a damp sponge. One little container lasts a long, long time. Another benefit is that it makes the white parts even whiter:) I also use a sun visor/mask and nose shade for him to protect his eyes from the sun, wind and dust here. www.naghorseranch.com and www.equinesunvisor.com



the visor top is a waterproof sun visor that shades the eyes. The nose shade sets off the nose yet shades it. I also have a sun visor with a nose extension. They also act as fly masks. He didn't like them the first few days but realized it helped his eyes and shaded his face and now he walks up to get them on or his powder.