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  1. eagles ring farm

    Updated pics of our 3 week old filly - and help w/ question

    Here are a few updated pics of our 2012 Perlino filly from this morning We clipped her head and neck a little last night as she was shedding on her nose but she has some sunburn on her nose from where she was shedding and I have 45spf sunblock I put on her nose that I have used in the past...
  2. Lil Timber Buck

    Sunburn on a pinto? I've never owned anything but solids....

    Okay, I am trying to think ahead here, but I have never owned a paint of any kind. I have however had friends with paints that sunburn on their white areas due to the pink pigment (or lack of it) in thier skin. One friend's horse's neck gets scabs it burns so bad. My little guy is a buckskin...