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Dec 2, 2002
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Norman, Oklahoma
Hi All, Sunny is doing great and becoming such a love to be around. Dr Danielson was out yesterday and gave him a good going over--he was gelded and received all his shots, had his feet looked at to verify the founder the farrier saw--yes, he does have founder but it is not bad and no damage to the coffin bone and he left his wormer for me to give today since he did not want him wormed while under sedation.

Sunny came up from sedation very nicely and was back in his paddock next to my yearling filly shortly after his surgery. He has some discharge-but nothing excessive. Dr did say according to his teeth Sunny is a 5 yr old.

His adoptive family (pending) will be over tonight to take him for a walk to help keep his swelling down. Since their son is only 12 they were not there for the procedure but called as soon as they got home from work to check on him. They were very anxious to make sure he was fine.

Kay can you let me know were his adoptive family's application is in the system and if they have been approved so that when Sunny has had time to heal he will be ready to go to his new home?
thank you so much for all you have done davie. you have gone so far and above that i have to applaud you again
you truly are davies guardian angel

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