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Oct 8, 2003
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Well, it seems I have reached the end of the line for now - at least until I get the info I requested from the State Vet & Animal Control. I sent formal "Freedom of Information Act" requests and they have up to 3 weeks to putz around.

Ringo was quarantined on the property. Last Thurs. I contacted Kay and asked if CMHR would be willing to take Ringo. I spoke to the Animal Control officer earlier that day regarding chronic founder, etc. and Ringo in particular and faxed her Kay's # to clear up any questions. It was clear once again that he is not of any concern to them. However, the dogs on the property were all taken to the vet and given full check-ups, vaccinations & licensed.

The dilemma is this. Nothing is going to change. Ringo is obese and that set me back 10 steps from the beginning. I totally screwed up by not calling in the report immediately - I instead tried to keep it in the family and continue on with the dirty little secret. I've learned that lesson & it won't happen again. I can keep hounding the AC officer to do periodic checks but will she??

If I have someone offer to buy him it could make things worse. Of course my sister & brother-in-law would probably rather see the horse dead than admit to any wrong doing. They've been scrambling for almost 8 weeks to attack me rather than take care of the situation at hand and admit to any neglect.

I have 2 nieces that I have to think about also. I've been offering education & funds for vet, farrier, etc. but the girls can't make their parents do it. The AC officer can tell them to clean the stall every day but will they? The holidays are coming, they are getting older (9 & 11) and school activities are going to be the priority - they've long outgrown Ringo but I have to believe that this situation has changed Ringo's conditions, if only temporary.

Soooooo.......until I get the official FOIA reports here's my plan.........I'm going shopping. I am buying the "Chicken Soup" books that pertain to horses and pet lovers, I am buying the new book on Miniature Horse's that's just been published, I am buying that little book on founder, any other horse care book that I can find that I haven't already given to them and I'm going to send this package UPS along with a letter to my oldest niece and goddaughter. I am going to tell her what a wonderful gift Ringo is, give her a list of things to do on a daily basis, ask her to learn as much about horses as she can from him and when she has outgrown him that we will bring him here to live happily ever and she will know her first horse is forever safe.

What else can I do? This is a life-changing time in a kid's life. She KNOWS what is right & what is wrong. How she handles this will affect her the rest of her life. She might not have the funds to pay for him BUT she knows to take care of him now and grow with knowledge or grow with guilt.

Education, education, education. There is a serious lack of it. The AC officer knows nothing. My family knows nothing except how to scramble to cover their butts. This is just a sad situation all the way around. Any other suggestions would be appreciated
Don't your neices need a nice summer vacation next year? What a better way to teach them than to show them how it is done while having a 3 month vacation at Aunt Kristie's house. Now how to convince your angry sibling to let them stay with you for a summer vacation....................................
Im so sorry to hear all you have been through trying to help Ringo. I know how much stress this has added to your life. Please know we are here and if anything changes we will do all we can.

My goodness this is a terrible thing you are involved in here. And my heart goes out to you so much as you are carrying his burden on your shoulders.

I know you are going to try and educate them. That is a wonderful approach.

I just hope it works.
They should have to see pictures of a horse with abscessed hooves and visit horses and watch them try to cope with the pain.

I can't believe people would be so callous.

Let me know where to send my letter.

Liz M.
I am so sorry for taking so long to post the information. I am still dealing with daily bureaucracy for Ringo.

The Lenawee County Animal Control Officer is:

Gina Meadows

c/o Lenawee County Sheriff's Office

405 N. Winter Street

Adrian, MI 49221

Phone: 517-263-0524

FAX: 517-263-3312

State Veterinarian is:

Dr. Joan Arnoldi, Michigan State Veterinarian

Michigan Department of Agriculture

525 W. Allegan Street

Lansing, MI 48909

Phone: 517-241-4502

FAX: 517-241-4502

It is highly unlikely that Ringo will find a new home. I do myself a favor and remember that he is getting more attention now than he ever has. However, the State Vet and the County refuse to enforce their laws and have still neglected to provide Ringo with anything other than a Coggins pulled.

If we don't start somewhere then we will get nowhere. This takes a village - not just one person. CMHR, or any other rescue, can't continue without support from horse lovers all over the country. If we can't educate potential horse owners and let them know that they have a support system then the horses will suffer more than they already do. If you've been lucky enough not to see first-hand neglect & cruelty then count yourself lucky. The suffering of animals at human hands is overwhelming. We owe them.

If you don't like me or my posts that's OK. If I plant a seed in anyone to do the right thing regarding cruelty/neglect then I have accomplished something. If you have a neglect case going on anywhere in your area you could write a letter to them. Any voice can be heard - you just have to use it!

Thanks for reading! Kristie

I would be glad to help anyway I can, I love Horses very much and hate to see them hurt or unloved.
Just to let everyone know Ringo was never quarantined and the State Vet did not show up until 3 weeks after they promised. The owner was also NOTIFIED ahead of time before the visit. Ringo has yet to be seen by a vet -he only had a coggins pulled. I have yet to speak to anyone who knows the wrds "founder", "Cushing's" "T4", "colic" "Ivermectin" or any other basic horse sense.

After more research I discovered on the National that level Animal Control Officers have zero education on equine care. They are only taught to restrain & euthanize "large animals".

This is not good news for any horse in need.
Ringo now has his own caseworker from PETA. She has contacted the state vet to make sure this little guy gets the vet work-up he needs. Please wish him luck getting thru another MI winter. Thanks so much, Kristie (who wishes she knew how to post a pic so you could see the little guy)

We always welcome your posts you know that!! I am so glad something is finally being done with this guy! If you email me his pic i can post it

Glad to hear something is being done! So glad you have stayed with it and in the end, I hope your family is able to heal.

Good luck and thanks for the update on Ringo.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks Carolyn.

Michigan Law is so specific (actually one of the best) on an animal having veterinary care. It is only a problem when law enforcement won't enforce the law. All I know is that in March this guy was down, unable to move and had 14" hooves. No vet was ever called and to this day the AC officer & the State Vet have yet to ask for any vet records other than the coggins. As lack of vet care, pain & suffering were the original complaint it would seem obvious that you would go the house, ask for vet records and be done with it. 8 months later, besides having a coggins pulled - he has still not had ANY vet care and it makes me mad.

Thanks for keeping us informed. You are doing a wonderful job at doing all you can to help Ringo. And even though nothing has been done by the state, the owners are now aware that people are watching, and that complaints will be made. Hopefully just that little bit will help him. Keep up the good work, and as always do make sure that you keep us posted.

Hugs to you and thoughts and prayers for Ringo.
Per verbal conversation between State Vet & Ringo's caseworker they have closed the case. Ringo is to be seen by a vet 1x year - he's due for his next check-up Nov. 2004. Per vet that pulled the coggins (also a ASPA judge) he does not think Ringo's legs are deformed or that he has been neglected. Since I have no pics of him in his condition in Mar. & April and I brought him hay and I had the neighbor do his hooves the law of providing vet care does not matter.

Please, please hug your horses today and every day and let them know they are loved. If you provide the basic necessities they will repay you tenfold.
Wish me luck. Either myself or my boss is going to call my sister later today and offering my sister $1000 for Ringo. If the angels are watching over us on Sat. AM I hope to bring him home and have him live out his life as "Rocky" as he is such a fighter.

My best friend died almost 2 weeks ago and wanted me to have one of her horses. A friend and I are going to Battle Creek, MI to pick her up. We will be less than 45 min. away from my sister's when we hit a certain highway, I'll have my truck & trailer (he would come home in the truckbed, not trailer) so the timing seems right to try again.

Very best of luck!

Only good thoughts coming your way!

Pictures when you get them, please!

You WILL Succeed!!! I am praying for you and the ROCKY !!!!

Well, we made a tad bit of progress a few weeks ago. We are trying again this weekend.

Request: Please cross your fingers & lots of prayers.

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