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Jul 5, 2004
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For those who missed the first thread, I bought a AMHR gelding about 3 months ago and when I got him home and went to send in the transfer papers I noticed that his registration still said stallion and I hadn't got a gelding certificate.

The horse was co-owned and the woman who signed the papers repeatedly told me she would send me the certificate but it never came. After two months (and three requests, she was just totally ignoring me. I finally contacted the other co-owner and expressed my EXTREME DISPLEASURE with the situation as politely as possible. She emailed me back with a snotty attitude and acted as though "I" had done something wrong. She wondered why I was making such a "big deal" over it. I explained that I was making a big deal because I had bought a horse that AMHR would not let me register properly without the gelding certificate. She did finally appologize for the problem and said she would do all she could to get the certificate to me.

When I posted on the Forum, some seemed to think it was no big deal, that any vet could sign it. I talked to Zona (director of operations) at AMHR and she told me specifically that it had to be signed by the one who performed the operation.

I finally had to threaten to file a formal complaint against the seller if I didn't get the certificate within one week. The co-owner who signed the papers then emailed me (with a very hateful attitude) and said that the certificate would be sent to me directly by the vet. After one week it still had not arrived so I filed the formal complaint. Then, I finally received a scanned copy of the certificate by email, which I had to forward to a friend to print off because my printer is on the blink (I hope AMHR will accept this). She claimed the vet sent it to her because he contacted AMHR and the horse had not been transfered into my name (THAT WAS THE PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH!!!). She still had a hateful attitude and claimed she had contacted AMHR and that any vet could sign it (NOT WHAT AMHR TOLD ME). Even if that was so, it was not the responsibility of "any vet" to do so. It was her responsibility to get it to me.

Let it suffice to say that I will NEVER do business with this woman in the future.

I still think it a shame that we cannot share names of sellers in these instances... There has to be a way to leagally warn each other about the unsavoury dealings that some people seem to revel in, and get away with.

If only there was a way to tell other buyers, to warn them. Just had people here last week , the wife wanted one of my fillies, but the husband only saw $$ signs. They left here to go and buy what she didn't want, from a Lady not far from here who breeds a bunch of un-registered, and dare I say, mediocre horses. AND...she left saying how much she would enjoy breeding whatever mare she bought; asking me my breeding fee...because the foals were so cute...sigh...

I tried SO hard for them to buy from someone else...anyone else, who took the time and effort to raise registered horses.

I do agree with the old adage...papers don't make the horse. And, if a pet is what you want, it DOESN'T need papers. BUT; if one is even remotely THINKING or DREAMING of breeding, one should be looking at the conformation and bloodlines first and foremost. I can tell you in great depth the breeding/bloodlines of my horses, and even show you pictures of a great many of their ancestors...and what champions are there etc... Thanks in a very big way to this forum, thank you very much!

We do not yet have sanctioned shows, but many of us here are thinking that in the near future, we shall be requiring proof of registration for our local shows. That, I think will put an end to a lot of these shady, "Oh the papers are in the mail" or "well she/he/it could be registered" kind of people who are only in it for the money. That said...I did, ONCE unfortunately allow myself to sell one of my horses...without registration. I was swayed by "great people" and their sweet little grand-daughter. It is now a year later, and they have sold the horse...arg!!! Guarenteed...it won't ever happen again.

I am truly sorry for what you've gone through, that is a shame; and I think it great that you persisted in doing the RIGHT thing, in DEMANDING to get what you asked for, and paid for. I hope that, whoever these sellers are; find this post somehow, and feel the shame thay should be feeling, and thank their lucky stars that we cannot post the names of all involved.
Freeland, I can understand that people can become overwhelmed with paperwork and trying to keep up on it, and then sometimes there is an oversight.

What I don't understand is why people would take offense and cop an attitude when you just want to get it straightened out. This wasn't hard to do, and why a mountain was made of a molehill I don't understand when all they had to do was just to mail you the gelding report plain and simple.

I'm really sick of unscroupulous dealings of any kind and have no problem making formal complaints with the registrys. I'm really sorry you had to go through this but atleast you gained a really nice horse so good luck with him and wish you much success in your future together.
Freeland, you certainly did the right thing in filing a formal complaint, and in requesting the certificate. There are too many breeders with less than "honorable" intentions. I guess it is just too hard to be honest and to follow through with papers once the horse is paid for in full. And, unfortunately, many of these breeders are well known in the miniature horse world.

You did the right thing. It sounds to me like you probably, finally, got what you need to transfer your horse into your name on the books. I also feel it's too bad that there isn't a place to report dishonorable sellers so that future buyers could find a place to get a heads up (then again, I hope I'm done buying for a long time!). I am happy to hear you got some action on the problem but it stinks that you had to take it to the level of filing a formal complaint to get what you should have had 3 months ago.

I'm very glad you are at least getting it sorted, even if it has been a hassle. You liked this horse enough to buy him, it would;d have been a shame to have had to pass him on because he wasn't registered. I hope you do well with him, and he rewards your efforts!!
AMHR can say they want the vet who did it all they like- the fact is, how the heck are they going to know?? Yes, we should try to do it right. Yes, going through the former owners is the first, best, and most honest way to go. But if they had really freaked out and refused to give it to you, I'm afraid I would have had MY vet come out, confirm that the horse is gelded, and sign a certificate for me. For a non-breeding animal, it really does not matter one wink who gelded them or if it was last month or this. AMHR in my opinion has no right to say you can't register your gelding simply because you can't prove WHEN he was gelded or by WHOM! The point is that he was gelded! That's what the certificate was for, to prove it had been done and that someone wasn't just getting papers for cheaper for a little stallion they never intended to geld.

This is why the miniature breed has problems promoting geldings. Instead of making it easy for people and rewarding them for doing the right thing, they make people jump through hoops and bend over backwards to prove something stupid.

Marty said:
What I don't understand is why people would take offense and cop an attitude when you just want to get it straightened out. This wasn't hard to do, and why a mountain was made of a molehill I don't understand when all they had to do was just to mail you the gelding report plain and simple.


I am also scratching my head over the sellers making it so difficult. But I'm glad you were a "Squeekie wheel" and got it done.

I also agree with Leia. Getting a gelding certificate taken care of should not be difficult. Usually AMHR is easier to deal with but as far as gelding certs go, AMHA will usually just accept any vet's certification that the horse is indeed gelded.

In reponse to your posting names here regarding your "bad" dealings with sellers. That also goes for buyers as well.

What I have come to know and understand is that there ARE ALWAYS two sides to every story. Two people can see the same thing and see it differently and so on.

This should not have been such a big deal I agree. Any vet should have been able to examine your horse to verify that he was gelded.


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