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Mar 14, 2021
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Hello everyone,
I'm a new member, but have been following this forum for a while now because I bought last year a pregnant mare and stallion to add to my herd.
I joined this forum because I thought it would be good if I ever have questions or worries.
I could have started this thread in the Introductions section, but since it has to do with pregnancy, I thought it would be better to introduce myself here.

A little more about the horses, now ! ;)
Flicka is a cute and quiet little palomino mare that stands at 33" and was bred to Jumper (I bought him, too) standing at 34". Both horses could have been registered, but unfortunetly, the former owner did not do it.

These two horses were rather negleted... I mean, hoofs had not been trimmed in at least a year or two, had no vet history, and was occasionally given cow or chicken feed and poor quality hay. The stallion was quite wild and terrified at certain things... The lady who sold them to me specifically said she never brushed him... only the mare. And it was true. He shook like a leaf whenever I brushed him. But now, after lots of work and patience, he stands quietly while I brush him, braid him, and clean out his hoofs. I also started to train him on the lunge line and he is becoming more and more trusting and gentle.

Back to the mare, it's my first time experience with horse pregnancies, but THANKFULLY, I know her service date of (May 21st, 2020) and she had an ultrasound last summer that confirmed she was indeed pregnant. Today, she is at day 297 and is huge ! Previous owner told me she had 2 other foals and she foaled both of them at exactly 342 days. This date falls on April 28 !!
Of course, I know it can be different...

As for getting ready, my foaling kit is already ready and the mare has been in the foaling stall for the last year... all I still need to do is install my watch camera and monitor.

Well, I hope to meet some of you, and... like everybody else, can't wait to see your 2021 foals... and mine of course !
Sounds like you are set! You say it is your first experience with horse pregnancies and foaling, do you have any questions? Be sure to read the info on dystocia and red bags. Also, if you are not familiar with it, ph testing is a great resource as well.
Welcome! I see I am in good company. I also have a mare due....whenever! But fairly soon I think! I was told she was pregnant by previous owner and it could be her stud...or mine! :) Keep us updated! ;)
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So yes, I did have one question... for now at least ! Flicka is getting very good-quality hay (fescue-free), and I bought a bag of pregnant mare/lactation feed. But honestly, she is doing great on the hay so far and gained weight since I got her, although she is not obese. The vet said she has a good condition. I know she will need more vitamins and minerals once the foal starts sucking.... Should I start her on the feed soon, our wait until she has a foal by her side ?

What do you think ?
I might start her on just a small portion of it just to get her used to it. This is the time where the foal is growing the most too so she needs more calories. I started my girl on it at about 260 days. She’s a lightly built mare though that doesn’t carry any extra weight. She barely even looks in foal right now. I would definitely feed it when she foals though as the extra calories will be very beneficial during lactation.
Welcome! Can't wait for pictures and updates. I gave both of mine a 1/2 cup twice a day of maternity in the last trimester even though they both were in good weight and increased to 1 cup twice a day after, they didn't seem to need more.
Hello everyone,
Thank you for your welcome and answers!
Below is are pics of Flicka. The side one is from yesterday... you can all tell, I was brushing off all her shedding hair ;) the other one was taken this last Fall, but I just put it because I like that one.

I did not include any pics of the udder because all she has is a little bit of edema in front, but not much else. It's starting to fill
a little bit, but nothing serious.

Taz, thanks for telling me the portions you give your mares... The nutritionist told me to give her a cup, but since she does not have a nursing foal yet, I think I'll start with 1/2 cup because she is in good condition. I'll give her 1 cup when she starts nursing.

Pitter patter, I've been reading all 32 pages of your thread... I can't wait to see your foal !

elisabeth.conder, I will look up more info about dystocia.... I did a big research on red bags, but have not researched too much about dystocia births. Thanks for the heads up !

She's so pretty, I love her eyes. There's great info about dystocias and red bag pinned at the top of this page. Also if you google I Am Ranch they have great foaling videos.
She's so pretty, I love her eyes. There's great info about dystocias and red bag pinned at the top of this page. Also if you google I Am Ranch they have great foaling videos.

Thanks Taz ! But I can't find the info you're talking about... The one pinned at the top of this page. I don't think I'm looking at the right place... Where should I be looking ?

Sorry, but I'm a new member and am still exploring this forum and its features ! 😊
Hi there, I've been wondering how many of you who have foaling experiences have had mare whose pregnancies lasted for the same number of days, or almost...

Example -
year 1: day 340,
year 2: day 339,
year 3: day 341)...

I know that some mares follow the same pregnancy for each foal... but has it ever happened to you that out of the blue, that consistent mare foaled on a completely period of time ?

I'm wondering because my mare has been pregnant twice before I bought her, and foaled at exactly day 342 for both pregnancies... I was wondering if it is very likely that it will happen again, or if there are still some chances of seeing a foal earlier or later than that....

By the way, even if you did not experience this personally in the past, you are welcome to give me any info you might know of !

Hoping to hear from you soon!
Welcome to the forum JFNM,

A lot of mares follow the same pregnancy year after year. They bag up at the same time they did the year prior, show the same signs they are getting closer etc and yes, some foal on the same day or within a couple of days.

Its great that you know her breeding date. :)

Treat her as if she may go early than thinking she is going to last till 341 days !
Thanks Ryan for your answer ! Of course, I will be on the lookout early, so I don't miss the big event! I was just wondering if I could pinpoint it more precisely... but like I've been reading, it's always better to be more alert than not.
Breeding dates are really only the starting point.

As some mares don't produce an udder before foaling, it can be hard to pin point foaling on the way the udder looks alone.

For me, once I can see the foal has "dropped " into position, I know things are getting serious.

Hopefully she will start to produce an udder in the next month or so. Many on here use pool strips to test the milk, which maybe something you want to try ? I have never used them to be honest. As your mare isn't a maiden mare, Im sure she will give you some signs she's getting closer

Yes they can be very sneaky these mares. I'm sure they can understand English quite well haha :)
yes, I have pool strips to test pH and calcium/hardness level. Now, I'm just waiting for her to really bag up... It's starting, but very gradual...

And yes, I think this mare understands English... And other languages too ! I'm trilangual so it makes this mare extra intellectual ! 😂
Welcome to the forum! There are lots of lovely people here to help. New at this myself, so not much help...BUT Iwill add one thing and may not be pertinent, I had three children, all born exactly 7 days after their due date...I know people and horses are different, however most biological creatures I have found tend to follow their individual trends...but with all the variables things could change!

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