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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]It took a week till Bruce had time to send these but here is our borrowed boy the day after he arrived last week. we want to thank Linda Hume again for letting us have him for the next two years and to MA and Larry Cerullo for breeding such a beautiful boy! Wait till you see him in a couple of months!


Had to share.

Wow, he has a beautiful body and color (like the diet coke guy). Anyway, I would love to see some action shots, he looks like he has some spunk...and tell the man in the pic, this was based on the horse!

he is just beautiful!!!! are you leasing him to breed or??

[SIZE=14pt]Yes Bruce ( the man in the pic and also my trainer) and I have leased him from Linda for the next two years. We will use him on our mares and also plan to show him when he is more in show shape. He is a little lean right now for showing. I adore his huge eyes . He is very kind. I will bring him to my farm here in VA in the spring for a few months before he goes back to NY to be shown.[/SIZE]

I am very excited about using him on my bay mares....hoping for a buckskin aspc/amhr horse!

Oh my goodnessLYn. He's gorgeous and my favorite color. How tall is he and are accepting outside mares?
[SIZE=14pt]Deb, he is double registered Shetland and mini about 36 inches tall. Yes we are accepting a few outside breedings.[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=14pt]Oh Look at his LONG LEGS!!!! That's a beautiful horse, Lyn!!![/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]I knew Deb would like him!! He's really, really smart Lyn- good move!![/SIZE]

Thanks for posting those. Will look forward to seeing more as his muscles up!

He's just about perfect, isn't he?
Can't wait to see what he produces for you and how well he shows!!!! Congratulations again!!!! [/SIZE]
This is a very special boy, a once in a lifetime horse for me He is not only gorgeous, but kind and very smart he loves to please and loves people I am pleased he will be able to be shown and produce some nice babies I have to admit I miss him like crazy but this is the best for him for the next 2 years. I cannot wait to watch him show & cheer him on!
Very handsome boy!
[SIZE=14pt]No Deb sorry hes not quite ready.... Bruce is taking a weekend off to rest before going to Hookstown next weekend. we dont like to take the horses out till they are ready to win!
But look out down the road!![/SIZE]

Bummer. This is the last show I'll be able to go see. I'm tickled you'd think of me lovin him. He is magnificent Lyn. 2 yrs hmmmmmmm...I may have to chat with you about my Treasure for next year.

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