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May 26, 2004
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How early can you ultra sound for a pregnancy?

Taking into consideration absorbtion, when is the best time to get a confirmation?

My vet days 21 days( But she can do it earlier if needed) and again at 5 months to be sure they are still prego. I imagine they could just be palpated and feel for movement at 5 months(its cheaper to palpate)
Our vet says no earlier than 18 days, only costs $30.00 for an internal ultra sound.
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It costs $30 to palpate here, plus the farm call.

For ultrasound, at what stage is it best to palpate instead?

Just wondering.
My vet just got one of the new digital ultrasounds and she loves it. I was able to see a three month old fetus- you could see the head and legs and even the buds of the tiny hooves- real nice clarity. I have had a vet ultrasound at 18 days successfully.

My vet will charge $45 for farm call, $35 for a quick palpation and then ultrasound.

Well, Patty was bred; July 31-Aug2-4&6.

And to my knowledge has only had one foal. So I don't know if she has problems with conception.

With limited funds I'd like to just have her done once. Just want to get the most for my buck, a farm call (non emergency) is $65 and I think its $50 for the ultrasound.

My hubby says "just wait and see next year" I can't wait that long!

I want to know if she took.

I've heard that most problems with pregnancies happen in the first couple months. If you only are going to do it once, maybe you should wait until fall. If you wanted to know whether or not she is bred so you can try again then it makes sense to do it soon. Otherwise, it might be better to wait a little bit.
If you are only going to do it 1 time, have her ultrasounded internally at 45 days.
At that far along a pregnancy is almost impossible to miss and by 45 days along they should be pretty safe.

My vet can internally check for pregnancy at 14 days. That's the earliest.

We check mine at 20 days, again at 30-40 days, and then once more internally at 60 days.

After the 60 day mark we wait until they are 100 days or more and then ultrasound externally. My vet likes ultrasound more than palpating as it's more accurate.

Good Luck!!!
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Thank you all. My vet has ultrasounded this mare before, she was supposed to be bred when I got her and I wanted to check. I got the ok to breed her, good size follicle and no sign of fluid or infection so I really hope she took.

I'll wait then for 45 days then. Hopefully I'll have good news to share.

I know my vet can do it early but I just don't want to wait and wait and then there's nothing in there again. Already done that.

But without knowing her past too well, I want to wait till there's definately something in there and it's safe and doing well.

Is there a stallion closeby to provide an indication if she is/has returned in heat?
No stallion. Just a gelding and a 2yr old filly.


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