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May 5, 2007
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Our neighbor acrossed the street was getting trees trimmed. So we walked over and asked how much to trim our tree that after he was done. He said 350 and he would do it that day. We said fine. He never came over or called that day or all wkend. Well, today he removed the pin from our auotmatic gate closer and trimmed the tree. And the gate was left wide open!!!!! We did not authorize him to trim the tree today and no one was home. Dont you think he is wrong? I am just waiting for him to come over to collect the money!!!
Major wrong IMO. Would have peeved me off big time.
oh I am fumming!!!!!!!!! This is nuts!!!! How did he not know If I had a horse or not back thier??? I can barely contant myself!!!!!
Well the tree guy just came over for his money. After I almost scared him to death with my anger he apologized and said he would come back tomorrow to make it right. Ugh! I was so upset.

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