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Apr 20, 2005
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Southwest Oklahoma
We put a trail camera by the birdbath because I wanted to get glimpses of some shy birds, such as our painted bunting. With all the snow lately, there are so many puddles the birds don't need the bird bath. But there have been other visitors dropping by. Any idea what those two night time visitors are? We think fox, but please don't tell me the other one is a maybe.jpg


  • Dapper Dan bird bath.jpg
    Dapper Dan bird bath.jpg
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  • two horses bird bath.jpg
    two horses bird bath.jpg
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  • chicken in bird bath.jpg
    chicken in bird bath.jpg
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  • chicken at door.jpg
    chicken at door.jpg
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  • mystery animal.jpg
    mystery animal.jpg
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Love the pictures!!
I think the first is a fox. The second I'm guessing either fox or raccoon, the size is a little off though. I don't think hog, but then what do I know, we don't have hogs but that doesn't look anything like my potbelly house pig.
They've all become regulars, I think. The most bird activity seems to be mid afternoon when the sun is hitting the bird bath just right to put them in shadow. We need to move the camera, I think. The robin is evidently the boss. When he shows up all the little birds leave, and they don't come to drink if he is there.raccoon.jpgopposum2.jpg

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