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runaway ranch

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Jun 4, 2004
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A few days ago, I brought this beautiful little filly(Paris) up to the house for socialization,as she is very skittish. I was surprised to find that allough she was timid with adults, she loved my 2-year-old grandson and would even seek out his company. I wanted to share this picture of them.
Now that is a beautiful picture, thank you for posting!!!

Ginny StP
Very cute! I've an old gelding(big horse) that has trust issues and won't let any strange adults near him....but kids, he loves them!

What a darling picture. It looks as if he is saying, "Hey, Grandma can I have this horse for my very own?"

Kids and minis!! They are just awesome together!!!

Thanks for sharing!!
That is a real cute picture. Cute little horse
and cute little boy!
That is very cute!

It is amazing how horses in general, including biggies, seem to recognize the difference in children. I have seen the honoriest horses succumb to a child. They really are amazing creatures.

I brought my mare home that was out being bred and she came with another mare that is to be bred at my house. I introduced my mare back into the herd along with the new mare and all of my mares bee lined it for the filly in the pasture and protected her until they knew both the new mares were going to be OK with her.

Gives me warm fuzzies all over to watch them with little ones 2 and 4 legged.

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