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Jul 3, 2004
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Hi I am coming more fequently to the board than I used to and one of the reasons is how friendly everyone is and how willing to post pictures of their nice minis.

I was wondering just how many people are those who like the 30" and under minis? Sorry if this has been post by someone else previously like I said, I have not been a frequent visitor until recently.

I love looking a pictures of the little ones... would you mind posting them?? And then tell me how many you have that are under 30?

[SIZE=14pt]We love the tiny miniatures! We have several you can see on our website! But, here's a small sample for ya! This is 4 year old 25" W W Heza Silver Star son of 26 3/4" National Champion NFCS Quicksilver, One of our 4 stallions under 30"[/SIZE]


I like the under 30" minis myself.

I have the following.........

Mr. B mature at 28"

Mickey mature at 28"

Express mature at 29 1/2"

Carousel mature at 27 3/4"

Cinnamon mature at 27 1/4"

Deli mature at 29 1/2"

Snowflake mature at 29"

Molly B mature at 30 1/2"

The other 4 are under 33"

I love the teeny tiny ones two! Nakota is my gray and white stallion and stands 29.7". He is in my avatar. Then I have his momma who is stands 32.5". I was taking pictures earlier today, so one of these days I will have current pics. to post...
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Oh I to love the tiny ones. I love seeing them. And sharing the one's we have.

So I will share..

This is Sweetwaters Duffy's Dipper, she is 27 inches, sorrel with blaze, and big

blue eyes.


This one is our first baby, Thunder Dawn's Barely Porcelain Fawn, she is

29 inches and blood bay pinto.


This one is Sweetwaters Little Sammie, Sammie is 29 inches, silver dapple,



Sweetwaters Lil Honeysuckle - 25 inches, silver dapple pinto


SRR Dances With Fire, 25 inches, Red Roan mare,


and her 2005 filly -- Texan Star EK Mistique Princesa

Who will mature about 25 inches as well. And a keeper for sure. NFS


We have others, that can be seen from web site.

Thanks for letting me share..

I LOVE LOVE the tiny ones, thats the reson why I got into miniatures, cause they were small, and i like small, and i like horses!

Visit my web-site(in sig) I only have two, my mare is 29.5'' and my colt, i am think he will mature right at 30', he might go to 31'', but I am hoping 30''

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We have a bunch of the smaller ones as well. Roger one of our main stallions, has sired a number of under sons (we have two). His daughters for some reason are all tall! We also have a number of mares that are under 30". We have another stallion, Rocking M 3T Ice Tee that is going to stay under 30"

We also have a group of mares under 30".

Samis Roger Rabbit (27" perlino stallion). Shown here by Jenn Davis (bluerogue) - she has two sons of Rogers that are both under 30" too.


Wesco Farms Jamaica Me Crazy (27.50", silver mare) Shown by our daughter.


Rocking M 3T Ice Tee (homozygous pinto stallion)

I have 4 under 28.5" All the reat are mostly under 32, I have one 33"

I adore the tinies!
I am also a "tiny" lover!

About half my herd is 30" or under.

Here is my 27" Legionaire son "Destiny" who will be crossed on my LTDs Moonstruck daughters.


and this is one of this year's Moonstruck fillies.....Kickapoo's Moonlite Bay

She will mature well under 30" (was still under 20" at two months old!)


I also LOVE the tiny ones. WE have 4 that are under 29", and I just sold Luvmycritters, a beautiful small stallion, who is in her avatar, he stans 29.7". Most of mine are in the 32-33" with a few at 34". I have never had any trouble foaling the small ones out. Dona, LOVE your little Moonlight Bay,
what a cutie!
ME, ME, ME! LOL Under 30" is the way to go for me! LOL

We have some mares over 30"....up to 34", but I would LOVE a couple of REALLY little ones.....say, under 28". But everytime I have room and $$$ I can't find any for sale and end up getting a bit bigger.

Here is our senior stallion, Cowboy, 25 1/2", Natioanl Top Ten and sire of numerous Top Tens & National Res Champions.


And our 'junior' stallion, Star Skipper, 29 1/2". Res World Grand Champion, etc. etc. etc.


And a Cowboy daughter, Reflections Buttons N Bows CBY...mature at 29" (28 1/2" at 2 years old)


And the best thing is the little ones can DO! We had a 29" stallion for a number of years who was National Top Ten in Halter & Liberty, then when he sold he went into driving training and just won and won and won....even National Top Tens against the big guys. And one of our SHG members has an under 30"er competing very well in jumping! Teresa. Maybe she will post here.

We have a little '05 Skipper colt that if he doesn't sell you will see in halter and liberty next year. He has 'it'!
He will mature about 28".


And you can see our mares....many small... on our mares page...

REFLECTIONS a miniature horse farm, inc.

Yep! Little is good!

I have a few really nice under 30" minis. Two of my stallions. This is Redrock Incognito 29.75", winning in the show ring this year at 6 yrs of age and his first year to ever show.


This stallion is Redrock Ahoy Captain SOS 29.50". This has been his first breeding season here at Redrock and I am anxiously awaiting his first foals next year!


A couple of foals from this year. This one is Redrock C No Disguise, a daughter of Incognito, expected to mature around 29" and looks just like her daddy!


This is Redrock Flashtacular, a daughter of Harts Tip Top Flash. She is expected to mature around 29.50" and will be on my showstring next year!


We have 3 mares that are under 30" in our small group with the newest member expecting to arrive in a couple of weeks. And speaking of newest arrival, one of our 29" mares is due to foal any day now to Harts Tip Top Flash. Hoping for lots of color and tiny there!
I have 10 under 28"....half of those are 27-27 1/4 (one is 26.5"). And another 5 who are under 30". Then 16 more who are over 30" mares.

For over ten years I actually specialized in 28 & unders. I think is was my husband's way to limit the numbers I bought
But, that didn't work!

Now I have tallers, also. But, the tiny ones are still my favorite. These two mares are 27.75" & 27".

Here's Flashy, a broodmare (AMHA Natl Champ, '94...& 6 mos in foal)


Here's Page, a broodmare (AMHA Res Natl Champ, '94)


Gosh, I need to load up pics of others!
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the teeny-tiny ones!

We have 2 of the teenie-tiny mite's, our littlest guy, Hotshot, and our little filly, Nik-Nak, they are both 27" at 1-1/2 years.



Nik-Nak in her winter woolies:


I love all the miniatures, but have a special place for the tiny ones and have specialized in them for many, many years. We currently have 146 of our 250 head that are thirty inches or under. I won't take the time and space to picture all of them, but they are ALL pictured on our website. I laughingly say to visit our website if you have a month to spare! LOL.


My daughter's first show horse and her "forever" friend is SR Desert Mist, 29 1/2". She has gone 3rd at Nationals in Sr. Mares 30" and under, and won or been Reserve in Pleasure Driving, Hunter, In Hand and Driving Obstacle, and Top 5 in Showmanship, Jumping, Costume, and Versatility.

She has the most amazing stride for a vertically challanged horse, and went 2nd overall at Combined Driving camp this spring.

This is Darmond Boogerman Premiere, all 27 1/4 of him at two years old. Premiere is on the show circuit with Belinda Bagby and has been doing quite well for himself. LOL, and no, he's not an appy.

I like them just fine, but we're selling our 27" boy because he's just too small! (and no appy spots) - we're cutting his price in half for forum members, too. He's too nice a boy to sit around doing nothing!


Dude's Page
Here's mine!

27" M&M, our two year old colt
(just don't tell him he's small, he thinks he's the biggest and baddest)


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