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Apr 16, 2007
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Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
Sable still technically has till the end of the month before she is due but this wait is taking forever!!

Now that she is finally showing her pregnancy I am relieved she is in foal. She still has white milk and 1/4 of a bag that never gets any bigger. Her butt is mush and she has little tail resistance. The foal seems to have dropped into her belly instead of her ribs over the last day or so, so I am hoping this is a good development. I also noticed she may have lost her mucous plug. She has been lying down a couple times a night from what I see on the cam and she has been hind foot shifting for a week or more. I noticed she hikes her legs up and swishes her tail too when the foal moves. She also has been rolling in her pen quite a bit more than usual.

How long do you think I have!? After going through her being open last year, this foal has been a long time coming and I am impatient already

Here are pics from yesterday & today...she is at day 316.




I'd keep my eyes on her.. These guys can be soooo unpredictable!! Sounds like she's definitely getting closer though!

I have two in the barn right now, both are new mares for us, never foaled them out before and have absolutely no foaling history on them ( except the pinto mare aborted a filly two Thanksgivings ago after we brought her home
and the other mare lost her 2007 colt due to a twisted umbilical cord at 280 some days) Both are dropped, sunk in at the hips, they either stand and shift their weight or spend their time laying down, the pinto's been doing a lot of laying out flat.. Pinto has a decent udder but it's soft, other gal has a small udder but what she has is tight, liquid in teats and easily expressed and VERY sticky, mom said this morning when she checked her 'milk' it looked like it had white flakes in it so hopefully we're getting closer too!
Keep waiting! I waited and waited (from the middle of march to april) watching her all the time. She had all the signs yours is having, but just sat at that point forever! She finally foaled at 371 days! And the night she foaled, she showed no signs she was going to. So watch her closely!
Thanks, I have been doing hourly checks on her. She has had two foals before but not with me, and presumably out in the pasture, so I have no history on her.

One day she looks very pregnant and the next not in foal at all, so she has me doing circles. I would assume it's the foal changing position?
Yep hang in there. I had a history on my horse. She generally foaled a week before her due date, waxes nicely, text book mare. Skipped all that when I got her (foaled late, no wax, nothing indicating she was going to foal)! They'll make you crazy, but its worth it!
Keri's first post is what I'm going through with a mare... she's at 362 days today!


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