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I was leading air head, I mean, road apples for brains, I mean, the blonde, I mean Miss Molly
And my mom was leading the calm, cool, collected, well mannered, almost 8 week old. We were heading down the drive way to go across the street to ride Molly in the neibors arena when we (And by we I mean Molly) stopped dead in our tracks and wore the above expression (Close to this one
) Yepp. The blonde spotted seagulls across the street. APARENTLY we have never seen them before and they were the horse eating kind as Im sure you assumed. First she didnt want to move so I took the handy little crop off the saddle horn and gave her a smack in the butt, then we made it to the road (Eyes fixed on the horse eating giant birds eating in the feild hundreds of feet away) Then we got about half way down the neibors driveway dancing all the way acting like a 3 year old Arab not a 18 year old Quarter Horse and that was it.. a gull dared to fly up and re locate. Molly let a huge snort and tried to take off for home, found her self at one end of a bridal with a un happy owner at the other end and a foal who didnt seem to share in her alarm and who was simply watching the horse eating birds while nibbleing on alfalfa and wondering why he had to be the poor colt with a spazz for a mother. I figured before she teaches Image how to be a complete air head we should just turn around - she thought that was a good idea and danced the whole way home. Since we didnt get our ride, we used the seagulls to help with a photo shoot

This is what a mare looks like when its about to be eaten by seagulls...

I just love this one, look at the cute matching half dorsels they have on there little butts


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Sep 14, 2003
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Poor Molly and those seagull horse eating birds! LOL!

I like the picture of Molly and Image together too!
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