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Sep 9, 2012
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I have shared this on the driving board and thought I would share here too. I have started driving a six-in-hand! I started in August, shuffled the team, kicked a horse off and added a greenie. I think I have it now! I am doing this on my own. I would not recommend doing this without help, however I have no choice. Hubby has built the items I need and has pointed out a few things that has helped a lot. I've been driving them hitched yo a hitch wagon, however I have hitched them the last few drives to my custom built sports cart. Here is a link to a short video of The Six doing hoop pivots. This was our first try's at it, lots of room for improvement, however I can say IT IS A BLAST!!!!!


Thanks guys. I have a great little herd on The Six that gives me (most of the time) what I ask of them.
Oh yes very very nice job!!!
You are amazing and your ponies are charming - they look like they are really trying to listen and follow!

Did you always want to drive 6 or is this a recent dream/goal?

7 fluffy friends, no, 6 was never in "the plan" when I started. I really just wanted to do a pair. Did a tandem 23-24 years ago when I really wanted a pair but not the funds to do a side by side pair. Really wanted a side by side pair so with Hubby's help I was able to do a pair on my circus cart. Then I had a friend pass away and leave me his hitch wagon. Hubby restored it and I drove a pair to it and all was good. Then while on a relaxing trip through Craigslist I found a bio team harness. Ooooooo, I can do a 4! So I did. I made a set of spotted leather harness to match what I inherited and had a four last year. Then I got a wild hair to "just try" a 6. Little did I know what the challenge of handling all those reins would do to my brain. Oh yeah, I'm hooked! Will I do an 8? I can say, in all probability, probably not. I would need to find a couple more horses and train them and hope they fit into the existing herd. Plus my hands can barely hold the reins for the 6! I do have a pretty big goal, first time I have ever had this big of a goal and be so within reach of it!

And thanks, my herd does really try hard.
and I have trouble with ONE little horse keeping the wheel in the hoop! You are a fantastic driving trainer.
That's so impressive but I have to long does it take to hitch them all up?
Helicopter, it takes approximately an hour to knock the dirt off and harness and another 15 minutes or so to hitch. Then about the same to unhitch and unharness. Plus each collar gets a wipe down when we are done. Lots of motivation to get out and train!
:::: smacking head to forehead :::::

I'm still "getting ready to start training" just ONE after 4 years. You make me feel so....unaccomplished! LOL!

That was awesome, thanks for sharing!
Wingnut, I am trying to inspire others, not to make you feel bad. I feel if I can show what is possible that maybe others will want to do this too.
I think it is so neat that you kept your dream flexible and let it take you someplace new.

As a species I think we are pretty good at telling ourselves why we 'can't' do something - at any age - and that's a shame. You are very inspiring and I empathize with wingnut!

Heck, it takes me nearly 30 minutes to get one chubby pony ready and hooked up! If DD could talk, she would tell you that was my problem as she stands very patiently!

Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year!

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